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Eurobike 2022: Urban Bike news for the upcoming season


All new and yet familiar: for the first time, the Eurobike bicycle trade show is pitching its tents in Frankfurt am Main, after saying goodbye to the trade show location in Friedrichshafen last year.

With its new location, Eurobike aims to become more accessible, which is achieved simply by its central location and good transport links. This is certainly also a reason why some well-known brands are now once again represented at the show, whose names you looked for in vain in the list of exhibitors in previous years.

But it’s not just the big names that are attracting visitors to the show this year — there are also plenty of product innovations this time around, giving the show a little more meaning again.

New drive systems, new gearing systems

The focus of the innovations this year is certainly the topic of drive and gear shifting or transmission. Thus, there are two new hub gears from Bafang and 3×3, Valeo shows the production-ready combination of e-drive and transmission and Pinion presents the electric version of the bottom bracket gearbox. Shimano is causing quite a stir with its new Di2 derailleurs, which even offer an automatic function. A technology that could raise derailleur gears to a whole new level.

There is also a lot of news in the area of e-drives: Bosch is now converting most of its range to the Smart System, but there are hardly any really new products. And yet there are welcome improvements, such as the new, compact controls or the eBike Alarm, a tracker to protect against theft.

Shimano makes the well-known EP8 motor compatible with the already mentioned, electric circuit and provides the top model with a slightly cheaper EP6 side. Performance-wise, this is largely identical, but brings 300g more weight on the scale.

Fazua itself is unfortunately not represented with its own booth with the promising Ride 60 drive. However, the new system can already be test ridden in the UBN models at partner Riese & Müller.

Bafang has also revised the line-up of motors, with the systems becoming lighter in particular. And another exciting novelty: TQ brings with the HPR50 a very compact and lightweight e-bike system, in which the motor weighs only 1850 g, but should offer a decent 50 Nm of torque. Together with the 360 Wh battery, the weight of the e-components remains under 4 kg and could be an interesting alternative to Fazua’s Ride 60 drive.

Hyena is a new drive system for light and slim e-bikes that works with a torque sensor. Only recently, Diamant has presented the new 365 series with it, now one switches also at Cannondale with the Treadwell bike from Mahle to Hyena.

Speaking of Mahle: In addition to the familiar X35 system, the new, even lighter X20 system is now also making its way into urban e-bikes. Desiknio is making a start here with the new X20 line.

In focus: Lightweight and slim e-bikes

What was still an absolute niche topic a few years ago has now arrived in the mainstream at the latest: slim and often also quite light e-bikes, which you can hardly see the electric drive! Coboc from Heidelberg, Germany, was certainly a pioneer in this field and will of course also be represented at the Eurobike — among other things with the new Sydney model, a 14.5 kg lightweight urban bike with integrated lighting system and sporty look. The bike can already be ridden, a first impression of which follows in a separate article.

Eurobike 2022 Coboc Sydney Urban E Bike Fitness
The new Coboc Sydney

At Riese & Müller, everything is under the sign of the new UBN series with the equally new Fazua drive. And there is also a slim e-drive with equally unobtrusive controls, which is also quite powerful and offers a removable battery. A separate first impression of this bike will follow.

Desiknio from Spain was one of the first brands (together with Orbea) to rely on the then still new drive system from Ebikemotion. In the meantime, the drive has been taken over by Mahle and with the new X20 there is now another, even lighter system. Here, too, Desiknio is one of the first to install the X20 in an urban bike — and an extremely attractive one at that! The X20 will be available in the Urban Bikes for now only in combination with the Pinion gearbox, the total weight should be (compared to the model with X35 drive system) about 1 kg lighter. More about this shortly.

Schindelhauer must not be missing in this series, of course. The Berliners show at the Eurobike many familiar models, but also an interesting novelty: the well-known model series Heinrich, Hannah and Oskar should get an upgrade to the smart system from Bosch in the coming year. In this move, they move to Bosch’s Performance Line CX motor (currently the weaker Active Line Plus or the regular Performance Line motors are still used in the models mentioned). In addition to the extra power, the look of the bikes also benefits from the somewhat slimmer motor.

Also a real novelty: Asfalt brought the brand new GT2 to the Eurobike! The sleek e-bike with Mahle drive, Pinion transmission and the extraordinary storage compartment could already be tested, a first impression follows here shortly.

Eurobike 2022 Urban E Bike Asfalt GT2 Design
Asfalt GT2

The Bird Bike is just now on available, and another model is already on display. This new variant is to be added to the range next year, above the current Bird Bike. For about 2,400 euros, it should then bring some improvements, including a motor control with torque sensor, a new frame with equally new lighting system and a hydraulic brake system.

And the following is a summary of some more interesting bikes: MV Agusta is significantly expanding its range of e-bikes with the Mahle X35 drive, and there will also be some models with the Pinion transmission. All bikes are equipped with a toothed belt and stand out visually refreshing from the competition!

With it’s CGO600, Tenways has a real bargain in the offer. In addition, the brand new low step model CGO800S can be seen also at the Eurobike show.

NOKO Bikes from Italy are using a drive system from FSA in their bikes, consisting of a hub motor in the rear wheel and a permanently installed 250 Wh battery in the down tube.

Similar are the ingredients in the new Skarabäus of Egomovement, but here the drive system comes here from Bafang, hase a torque sensor and it’s battery offers more capacity with 360 Wh.

Also pleasing: Temple Cycles from Great Britain are also represented with a small stand, where the Temple Electric Bike can be seen up close.

LEMO offers a special eye-catcher: the brand new brand wants to start at the end of the year in Berlin with a store and the new E+BIKE – an e-bike that is supposed to be particularly easy to use also as a “normal” bike without e-drive. The electronics are largely completely integrated into the battery, which can be easily removed. This should make it easier to upgrade the bike to the current state of the art in the future — by only updating the electronics, but continuing to use the bike itself. More on this shortly as well.

New S-Pedelecs at Eurobike

If you want to go fast, you have to look at the S-pedelecs. The eye-catcher at the Eurobike is certainly the new Stromer ST7, which is equipped for the first time with Pinion’s new electric transmission and even has an anti-lock braking system. The S-pedelec from ASKA is completely different, but also an eye-catcher: although the bike was already on display at last year’s Eurobike, it is now also available for test rides at the trade fair. OPIUM has not yet reached that point, but the first bikes from the new Swiss brand should be available in 2023. At first glance, the bike looks very similar to the Stromer, but in detail it offers a few solutions of its own.


Where there are bikes, the right accessories can’t be far away! Alpina shows in addition to stylish glasses also the new helmets of the SOHO series, which with its 8 color variants are aimed primarily at urban riders and are also very attractive in price with just under 70 euros.

Pelago Bikes from Finland have always offered not only bikes, but are also known for their (front) racks. At the Eurobike they now also show the new range of matching bags, which you can also carry away from the bike with pleasure.

Evoc already showed the Commute A.I.R. Pro about a year ago: a backpack with an integrated airbag that is designed to protect the shoulder and back area in particular in the event of a fall. Now the product is ready for the market and should be available in fall 2022.

So much for our short tour. Anyone who wants to see the new bikes for themselves at the Eurobike in Frankfurt can do so on the two public days on Saturday and Sunday, July 16 and 17, 2022. On the outdoor area there is also the opportunity to test ride a variety of bikes!




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