Not smart, but practical

Affordable e-bike for 1,999 euros: the Bird Bike is now available!


To name the elephant in the room right away: No, it’s not a VanMoof! But the designers of the Bird Bike have obviously been inspired by the Dutch bike manufacturer: The frame of the Bird Bike with horizontal top tube and integrated lighting system strongly resembles the iconic e-bikes from VanMoof.

Pro: removable battery and integrated display

Apart from that, there are numerous individual solutions in the Bird Bike, which are quite welcome! For example, the battery, which can be easily removed from the bike for charging. The battery’s capacity of 364 Wh is also decent, which should be enough for a range of between 60 and 100 km. As always, such data should be taken with a grain of salt, since many other factors have an influence on it — but this value sounds quite realistic in principle.

The Bird Bike is powered by a hub motor from the manufacturer Bafang, which is installed in the rear wheel and offers the pedelec-typical 250 watts of power. The system is controlled via a compact thumb switch on the handlebars, which can be used to select the five speed levels and also activate the lights and the push mode. Visual information is provided by the display, which is nicely integrated into the stem and shows the battery status, speed, total kilometers and the respective riding mode.

Bird Bike E Bike Handlebar Cockpit Display 1
A display is integrated right into the stem

No smart features, but an approved lighting system

Mentioned in particular is the StVZO-compliant LED lighting system of the Bird Bike: thus, both the headlight in front, as well as the taillight comply with the (German) licensing regulations. Excellent, as many other design bikes still do not manage to integrate such a lighting system with this approval! Standard installed mudguards complete the everyday equipment.

You won’t find any smart features or a smartphone app, at least not at the moment. The Bird Bike is simply an e-bike that you switch on and ride. No GPS tracking, no alarm system, no navigation — and no bells and whistles.

Simple components without bells and whistles

The same applies to the drivetrain and brakes: instead of the latest automatic transmissions or purist singlespeed drives, the Bird Bike is equipped with a classic derailleur with 7 gears from Shimano’s Tourney series. Also worth mentioning are the disc brakes, which work mechanically – that is, with cable instead of hydraulic fluid. These two components also show on the one hand that the Bird Bike is based on a rather simple technology with easy maintenance and repair options. What is then incidentally also in the quite high weight of 22.7 kg shown. On the other hand, the use of such components also contributes to a favorable sales price.

And at 1,999 euros, the Bird Bike is actually very affordable, especially since many competitors have now increased the prices of their bikes, some significantly. Currently, the bike is available in black, gray and blue in a one-size-fits-all version, which is supposed to be suitable for riders with a body size between 173-190cm. The Bird Bike is available here at Decathlon, among other places.




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