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Evoc Commute A.I.R. Pro 18: An airbag backpack for cycling in the city


Evoc Sports, the world market leader for backpacks with back protectors, introduces the world’s first bicycle backpack with integrated airbag technology, which is intended to minimise the risk of injury to cyclists commuting in the future.

The Commute A.I.R. Pro 18 backpack combines the protection of the innovative integrated airbag technology with the integrated LITESHIELD-PLUS back protector. This means that in the event of a fall, not only the spine but also the neck, shoulder, collarbone and chest areas are protected in the best possible way. The airbag system was developed in cooperation with Minerva-AS GmbH especially for use in bicycle backpacks for everyday commuting to work, training or leisure.

At its heart is a sensor-controlled, inflatable airbag protector with 18 L volume. The system is activated and deactivated by closing an electric magnetic buckle on the chest strap, which was developed in cooperation with FIDLOCK. The sensor technology, which can be recharged via USB, analyses the position and orientation of the backpack up to 1,100 times per second. When the defined trigger conditions are reached, for example a fall, the airbag inflates in just 0.2 seconds and unfolds its full protective effect. In doing so, it reduces the force and braking acceleration acting on the cyclists by up to 80%.

The mechanical triggering takes place via the explosion of an electric igniter. After the airbag has been triggered and checked for damage, the system can be used again with a new cartridge.

In addition, the backpack made from recycled polyester has all the features that modern city bikers want for work and leisure: A laptop compartment with side access DeepL, mobile phone, glasses and organisation compartments, an elastic side pocket, a height-adjustable hip belt for a comfortable fit made of Airo-Flex material and seamless shoulder straps for minimised friction. If the removable back protector has visible damage after an accident, it will be replaced free of charge.

Although this all sounds quite excellent, there is a catch: with a targeted retail price of around 900 euros, the new backpack will be quite an expensive affair! At least there is still time to save, because the backpack will not be available until spring 2022. Then the Commute A.I.R. Pro 18 will also be the centrepiece of the new Evoc Commuting Capsule Collection — the first dedicated Evoc collection in the trend-setting segment around urban cycling.

And another important note: since this airbag protects the back, neck and shoulder area, additional protection for the head is of course still necessary. However, whether the — functionally similar — Hövding airbag helmet (which we tested here) may be used instead of a conventional bicycle helmet should still be clarified.



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