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With the growing trend towards urbanisation and a more sustainable way of life, urban bikes are gaining more and more popularity. As the trend towards urbanisation and a more sustainable way of life continues to grow, this topic is gaining more and more social interest. Along with this goes the change to not only see the bicycle as a simple object of use, but also as an expression of individuality and personality.

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Urban Bike News

UrbanBike.News informs focused about all relevant news around the Urban Bikes. 

The range extends from classic bicycles to the latest e-bikes and pedelecs. There will be information on the right accessories as well as on new technology trends. In addition, our reviews provide detailed information with a personal note. 

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The selection of topics on UrbanBike.News is subjective and independent. Apart from an individual and good product, the style factor must also be right — after all, there are plenty of ugly products that you use only reluctantly.

Topic suggestions are welcome, but without guarantee of publication, by mail to mail@urbanbike.news