Improved software and a new battery: the Bosch e-bike innovations for spring 2024
Uplock: the bike lock that disappears invisibly into the seat post!
Responsive, quiet and lightweight: that’s why hub motor and torque sensor are a perfect team
Invisible Connect: New standard to make kickstands look good even on design bikes!
MIVICE innovations for 2024: improved motors and new batteries expand the lightweight e-drive system
Revolution among ebike drives? The Pinion E-Drive MGU combines a motor with an electronic gearbox
Displays, motors and subscription via app: this is how Bosch is expanding the smart system
Finally: Bosch launches the Performance Line SX, a compact drive system for lightweight urban e-bikes
Mission ON.E — Gearbox manufacturer Pinion wants to bring together what belongs together! 
MIVICE: new system supplier for quality ebike drives

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