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Coming soon with an automatic transmission: Pinion’s MGU motor-gearbox unit gets a smart auto-shift function


Fully automatic shifting will be possible from summer 2024 with the Pinion MGU (Motor.Gearbox.Unit). This will enable the German drive specialist to consistently exploit the advantages of its unique integration and award-winning innovation of gearshift and motor in one unit. Thanks to Pinion Smart.Shift technology, semi-automatic shifting is already integrated into the functional scope of the Pinion MGU. The Pre.Select function triggers automatic gear changes if the speed changes while rolling without pedaling.

Pinion MGU Automatikgetriebe Software Update 2024
The new automatic function will be available as a free software update and can be configured via the smartphone app

New from summer 2024 is fully automatic gear shifting. The new function will be able to change gears at lightning speed in any situation, even under full pedal load. Pinion will unveil all the details of the revised Smart.Shift shifting technology at the Eurobike show in Frankfurt at the beginning of July, where dealers and end customers will be able to experience it during test rides.

The best thing is that all customers will benefit from the new automatic shifting system, as the Smart.Shift feature will also be available free of charge for all existing MGU e-bikes in the third quarter of 2024 via a software update at the dealer.



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