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Uplock: the bike lock that disappears invisibly into the seat post!


It’s a shame: more and more bikes are coming with great, well thought-out designs and, thanks to ever-increasing integration, offer a tidy look. But what looks great in the photos confronts us as users with new challenges in everyday use: after all, the bike cannot be constantly supervised and has to be secured at some point. Such a lock is an additional component that has to be attached to the bike — and often disturbs rather than supports the otherwise clean look!

Although there are now some locks that are really beautifully made — above all, of course, the textile hand flatterers from Tex-lock (here in our test). But even these are always clearly visible.

One interesting solution is Uplock, which offers a combination of folding lock and seat post. The highlight: when the lock is not in use, it disappears completely out of sight in the seat post!

Thanks to perfectly matched components, transporting the lock should be rattle-free and weatherproof. When the lock is required, the saddle can simply be folded to the side and the lock pulled out upwards. With a length of 93 cm and seven sections, the folding lock is also long enough to be used in everyday life like a conventional one. The lock bars themselves are made of hardened special steel with a thickness of 5 mm.

For different bikes, the Uplock is available in three diameters (27.2 mm, 30.8 mm and 31.6 mm), each with a black finish. The weight of the combination of lock and seat post starts at 1375 g, the price for the innovative product is around 239 euros — available here in the Bike-Components online store, where the lock can be ordered directly.




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