Best of both worlds?

tex-lock D-lock in test: lightweight and secure U-lock with a flexible textile rope


We have already featured and tested the textile bike locks from tex-lock several times here. What all of the models have in common is the innovative textile cable, which can be used to secure the bike extremely flexibly. The lightweight locks also impress with their high-quality surface, which leaves no scratches on the bike and does not rattle while riding. And obviously, the products also impress with their stylish design!

High level of safety with light weight

While the Orbit and Eyelet models with the compact U/X-lock mainly use the textile cable as protection against theft, the brand new D-lock takes a different approach. This is a fully-fledged U-lock that outperforms the U/X-lock in terms of size and security.

Thanks to its larger dimensions, the new D-lock can now also be used on its own — for example, by securing a bike to the frame of the bike or connecting the frame itself to a fixed object such as a bike stand. However, this model also scores points with its light weight and high-quality workmanship: at 970 grams, it is very light for a U-lock, protects the bike’s paintwork thanks to the rubberised surface and therefore hardly rattles while riding.

But the combination of the new D-lock and the Eyelet textile rope promises the best of both worlds. This gives you the secure protection of the D-lock (certified according to ART3 and Sold Secure Diamond) and the full flexibility of the textile rope! For comparison: the Eyelet with U/X-lock or the Orbit are “only” ART*2-certified.

Texlock D Lock Test Review Leichtes Buegelschluss Fahrrad Vergleich U lock
Size comparison: the new D-lock next to the compact U/X-lock

Full flexibility with the Eyelet textile rope

For our test, we were able to try out the combination of D-lock and Eyelet: there were no surprises with the Eyelet textile rope, which is identical to the model tested here and is available for the D-lock in lengths of 120 cm and 160 cm. Handling is very pleasant, as the rope is extremely flexible and can be bent easily even in a tight radius. More exciting in this case is the new D-lock, which has an internal dimension of around 14 by 8.5 cm in width. This means that most bike frames can be connected to a bike stand without any problems, and a secure connection between the frame and wheel can also be created.

When used together as a team, they really come into their own: For example, the D-lock can be used to secure the bike itself, while the Eyelet can also be used to create a connection to a fixed object. Or the other way round: the D-lock secures the frame to a fixed object and individual components — such as the front wheel — can be additionally secured with the Eyelet. Another option would be to use only the D-lock for short stops and only secure the bike completely with the Eyelet for longer stops. The combination of both locks also proves to be a good decision for cargo bikes, as it simply gives you more options for securing the rather bulky bikes. The total weight of both locks varies depending on the length of the Eyelet. At 120 cm it is 1,950 g.

It should be noted that the combination of both locks requires a little more space for transport on the bike: even if the Eyelet can be wrapped slimly around the seat post or top tube, the D-lock is somewhat bulkier due to its size. However, Texlock also has a solution for this and offers a compatible U-lock holder that creates a firm connection to the frame. This is usually not a problem on the aforementioned cargo bike though, as the lock can usually be transported in the basket.


The new D-lock is a welcome addition to the tex-lock range. With its ART*3 certification, it is the most secure lock in the manufacturer’s line-up and continues to offer the usual qualities in terms of ease of use and good design. A particular advantage, however, is the option of combining it with the flexible Eyelet textile cable: this offers countless possibilities for securing the bike!

While the D-lock comes in black with yellow details, the Eyelet is available in 7 colours in two sizes. Here too, the lock is very flexible and can be customised to match the look of your bike. The new D-lock can be ordered directly from the tex-lock website for 89.90 euros, while the bundle together with the Eyelet starts at 189.90 euros.

Tip: If you are interested in buying this lock, you can use the coupon code urbanlock5 to save five per cent via this link. Also interesting: In our test of the Eyelet there is also a 5% voucher and with the Neon Earth version there is even a 10% discount code waiting for you!




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