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MIVICE innovations for 2024: improved motors and new batteries expand the lightweight e-drive system


MIVICE as a manufacturer of lightweight and compact hub motors is still relatively new on the market, but has already found its way into numerous e-bikes in a short time. We have already had the opportunity to test this drive system in various models — including the Tenways bikes CGO 600 and CGO 600 Pro, the Java Frenetica or the Voltaire Bellecour. Our conclusion was consistently positive, as the drive always provided a harmonious and natural riding experience thanks to its torque sensor.

For 2024, MIVICE is expanding the system with some improved variants that now also take into account the requirements of rather high-priced bikes. As an example, the torque sensor S200i would be mentioned here, which continues to rely on the non-contact sensor technology, but now has an axle according to the ISIS standard for higher-quality cranks installed.

In terms of motors, there are two new models from the new Advanced Series, which expand the existing range. Both have a standard connection for 6-bolt brake discs and are designed for up to 12-speed cassettes. Thanks to a new and integrated cable connection is now also a clean and invisible frame mounting possible, in addition, the change of the wheel is significantly simplified. The differences between the two motors are their size, power and weight:

  • MIVICE M100: a particularly compact hub motor that weighs only 1.75kg while providing 40 Nm of torque. It has an integrated thread, the attachment is via two bolts from each side with thru axle dropouts. Overall, this motor is particularly suitable for sporty urban or gravel bikes.
  • MIVICE M200: slightly larger than the M100 and, at 2.25 kg, also slightly heavier. For this, this motor with 45 Nm offers a slightly higher torque and can provide the power in a wider range. The mounting on the bike is done here with a thru axle size 12 x 148 mm. This motor is intended primarily for use in high-quality touring bikes.

However, the most important novelty can certainly be considered the batteries from MIVICE. Until now, this area was left to the bicycle manufacturers, but now you actually have a complete system from a single source in the portfolio. Interestingly, the batteries are assembled in Europe and equipped with the magnetic Rosenberg socket, which allows a particularly simple connection of the charging plug. All batteries are designed to be installed in the frame, but also offer a mechanism to be conveniently removed for charging. The differences between the individual models lies in their design and capacity:

  • MIVICE B540: 540 Wh battery with a weight of 3.1 kg in the format 79 x 61 x 410 mm.
  • MIVICE B360: 360 Wh battery weighing 2.4 kg in the same format, but only 300 mm long.
  • MIVICE B360s: 360 Wh battery weighing 2.4 kg in a particularly slim format of 60 x 52 x 410 mm.

Two chargers are then also offered to match the new batteries, both of which are also equipped with the Rosenberg connector:

  • MIVICE PJ2: Compact standard charger with 2A charging power at only 288 g weight
  • MIVICE PJ5: Fast charger with 5A charging power with a weight of 934 g


That MIVICE extends the range with its own batteries was almost predictable — after all, the brand can now offer a complete e-system for e-bikes from a single source. The option to remove the batteries from the frame is very welcome, because this feature is becoming more and more popular lately — it makes charging the battery much more flexible. And the development of the motors is also going in the right direction: they were already well positioned in terms of power and control and can now focus on further improvements. This is shown, for example, by the new motor connector, which offers easy handling and enables even more inconspicuous integration. So we can be curious when the first bikes with these new components come on the market!




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  1. this is interesting for fiido c21 owners that would prefer a much bigger battery capacity than provided 208wh. the fiido c21 uses a the mivice m070 rear motor so I’m thinking the mivice batteries mentioned in the article would be compatible?

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