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Java Frenetica in the test: a sporty urban e-bike with powerful drive system from MIVICE


Right before the end of the year, you can already take a sneak peek at what’s coming up next year — especially since there’s something pretty exciting on the horizon: Java Bikes will be offering their e-bikes in Europe starting in 2023, and the Frenetica will be one of them. A sporty urban e-bike that wants to score with a powerful drive, a sleek design and it’s removable battery. Here we take a closer look at the promising model in advance.  

Java Frenetica Test Urban E Bike Mivice 2023 Design RAW
The Java Frenetica will be available from 2023 for an estimated price of 1,949 euros


That Java’s Frenetica is one of the sporty examples of e-bikes is apparent at first glance: the seat tube is aerodynamically optimized and tapers narrowly towards the rear, which is consequently also continued by the similarly shaped seat post. Another striking feature is the wheel cutout on the seat tube, which allows for a sporty, short wheelbase. The frame is also attractive in other respects: the weld seams are cleanly smoothed and the down tube is not too thick, despite the removable battery. 

The battery has a black bezel on the upper side, which matches the metallic gray frame quite well — especially since the bike’s other components are also black.

Following the current design trend, all cables and wires on the Frenetica disappear directly below the handlebars in the stem, resulting in a clean, uncluttered look on the cockpit. Of course, the inconspicuous e-drive also makes a significant contribution to this streamlined look, with only the compact display on the handlebars initially catching the eye.


The heart of an e-bike is certainly the electric drive, which is made by the manufacturer MIVICE. The system consists of a hub motor of the type M080 in the rear wheel, which offers a torque of 40 Nm. This motor is the slightly larger, but also more powerful model compared to the type M070, which we were already able to test in the Tenways CGO 600 and which left an excellent impression there.

The M080 installed here is a bit bigger and at 2.5 kg also a bit heavier, but it offers 5 Nm more torque. Above all, it can provide its maximum power over a broader speed range and under heavy load for a longer period of time — which pays off especially on uphill climbs.

For the most harmonious motor assistance possible, a torque sensor is used here as well, which is located in the bottom bracket. Finally, the MIVICE system is completed by the compact and high-resolution color display on the handlebars, which also features two thumb buttons for an easy control of the respective support mode. Optionally, MIVICE also offers a slightly larger display for mounting centrally on the handlebar. 

The battery in the Frenetica offers a capacity of 360 Wh and can be removed from the frame for charging. An highly useful feature, which is unfortunately rarely found in lightweight and slim e-bikes. So it is even nicer that Java Bikes have found a solution for this!

The other components of the Frenetica are rather unspectacular, but consist of solid parts: a derailleur with 9 gears from Shimano’s Altus series is installed and hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro are used. The tires are wide enough for urban riding at 40 mm, and the bike also has a lighting system with a fixed headlight and a detachable taillight under the saddle.

Please note that this test model is a pre-production sample — so there may still be minor changes to the equipment until the official introduction. This also includes the option of installing mudguards: there is no mounting option for this on the test bike, but the production model should offer this. However, it is uncertain whether a rear rack could also be mounted. Already available are the mounting points for a kickstand, which should also be included in the scope of delivery of the bike.  


The electric drive system is controlled via the MIVICE display on the handlebars. It allows you to turn the system on and off with two narrow buttons on the edge of the display, and also to display various trip data such as speed, remaining range, or total kilometers.

Below the display is a thumb button that allows you to toggle through a total of five riding modes. You can activate the push-assist or the light with a longer press — but only the front headlight on the Frenetica, since the rear light is unfortunately not connected to the bike’s main battery. That’s a pity, because you always have to switch it on and off separately.

Apart from that, the system allows for a very simple and intuitive operation of the bike. The same applies to the battery, which can be charged directly in the bike, or outside. It’s nice to have both options to choose from! The handling when removing is also pleasingly simple and snap the battery precisely when inserting.

By the way, a compatible app including cloud connection is to follow from MIVICE in the course of the year; the necessary Bluetooth connectivity has already been added to the display.

Riding impression

The sporty look of the bike is also transferred to it’s riding characteristics, which is particularly noticeable in the agile and direct handling. The short wheelbase of 1015 mm (frame size M) plays a role here, as does the bike’s comparatively low weight of 18.3 kg (weighed ready to ride). So you can effortlessly master even the narrowest lanes in the urban jungle! The seating position on the Frenetica is sporty, but quite comfortable: you do not sit very stretched, and the ratio between handlebar and saddle height is pleasantly balanced.

The drive system is also well-balanced, even though it has enough power to offer: the torque sensor finely adjusts the rear wheel support to match the rider’s pedal pressure. Thus, you get the typical riding experience that you know from the analog bike — only with an extra boost!

Of course, this boost is especially appreciated on hills — and the M080 does very well here, although this terrain is not exactly the hub motor’s favorite discipline. But the powerful and very harmonious motor scores here with a good stamina, supported in this case by the derailleur. The noise level is pleasantly quiet and already dissipates at low speeds in the airstream.

With the total of five different driving modes, the strength of the assistance can also be very finely dosed. Frankly, three speed levels would have been sufficient here, but the easy-to-use thumb switch makes this no real problem — you just press the button a few more times. And despite the small size, the bright display always shows the respective drive mode legibly thanks to the high resolution. 

Java Frenetica Test Urban E Bike Mivice 2023 1
Sporty appearance: the Java Frenetica


With its Frenetica, Java Bikes is launching an electric urban bike for 2023 that combines sportiness and practicality with an attractive price. Thanks to the frame geometry (the bike will be available in three sizes), the powerful MIVICE drive and the comparatively low weight, it virtually tempts you to ride fast. The ability to remove the 360 Wh battery is also a really handy feature that only a few competitors in this category offer. And then there is the price: the Frenetica is expected to cost a fair 1,949 euros and is already raising the anticipation for 2023!




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