Thömus Swissrider Urban: lightweight e-bike with mid-drive motor from Switzerland
Fiido C21 and C22: these affordable urban e-bikes will be available in 2023
Focus on comfort: the new Riese & Müller UBN Six
Java Frenetica in the test: a sporty urban e-bike with powerful drive system from MIVICE
Less weight and better tech: Desiknio’s new ebikes for 2023
Attractive prices, attractive look: the new Kona e-bikes DEW HD, Coco HD and Rove HD
Porsche introduces the eBike Sport and eBike Cross with new updates
All new at BMC: 257 AMP is the name of the new urban e-bike with Bosch’s drive system
Elops LD500E: Affordable urban e-bikes with large battery and elegant design
Fitness, fun and street life: this is the new Coboc Sydney.

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