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Improved software and a new battery: the Bosch e-bike innovations for spring 2024


Just in time for the start of the spring season, Bosch is introducing some new features for the Smart System that offer an even more individual e-bike experience and, thanks to the battery innovations, should ensure even longer tours!

Individuality is key: own riding modes and display of heart rate and your own performance data

The smart system from Bosch eBike Systems is set to become even smarter thanks to the latest update: For example, the Kiox displays now show the relevant information completely automatically — and change independently depending on the riding situation. The four previously preconfigured riding modes can now be individually configured. Another new feature is that external heart rate monitors, such as a chest strap or smartwatch, can be connected to the eBike via Bluetooth and made visible on the new heart rate display.

Particularly informative for keeping an eye on your own performance is the new display showing the proportion of each riding mode used and the display of your own performance values in comparison to the motor power. The limit mode for speed pedelecs, which limits the assistance to 25 km/h if required, rounds off the update.

Automatically adapted display for every driving situation

Less distraction, undisturbed flow and full concentration on the essential information: Thanks to the new “Dynamic Display” function, the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays can now automatically show relevant information for every driving situation – and switch completely independently. This means that the most important information always remains in view without interruption. For example, the system recognizes inclines and then displays your personal performance, cadence and the altitude meters covered. If you are going downhill, the screen changes and makes the speed particularly visible. When riding on flat terrain, the speed, distance covered and range overview are displayed. When the eBike is stationary, the system automatically displays a summary of interesting data from the current tour: maximum and average speed, distance covered and elevation gain, riding time and current range.

Set your own preferred riding modes

Previously, four different riding modes were preconfigured and customized by the eBike manufacturer. Now you can choose from all the riding modes available for the Drive Unit, define up to four favorites and adjust the configuration in the eBike Flow app according to your own preferences. For example, if you want to do without the Eco mode and set the Sport or Auto mode instead, you can simply make the change in the settings of the eBike Flow app under “Individual riding modes”.

Display of current heart rate and altitude profile

Whether for training or health purposes or purely for a good feeling: for many, the current heart rate is important information on their tour. With the update, compatible heart rate monitors (such as a chest strap or smartwatch) can now be paired with the eBike Flow app via Bluetooth. The heart rate is then shown on the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays or the Ride Screen during the ride.

Manage your energy better and avoid surprises: Who wouldn’t want to know during navigation whether the hardest climb of the tour is already done or whether you are standing right now in front of the last mountain and should refill your water bottle? With the practical new “altitude profile” feature, you are always informed about the progress of your tour. The Kiox displays or the Ride Screen show a clear altitude profile of the tour with the current position.

Analysis of performance data available

Two additional new evaluation options provide interesting information on your own performance values and the use of the support levels. The new “Riding mode usage” display for Kiox 300 and 500 now shows in a clear pie chart what proportion of which riding mode (including off mode) is being used. The “Power distribution” screen provides an insight into the rider’s average power output in relation to the current activity and the selected riding mode compared to the average power output of the drive unit.

New limit mode for S-Pedelecs

The “Limit mode” limits the maximum speed of S-Pedelecs to 25 kilometers per hour. The new mode can be selected as a separate riding mode and allows Speed Pedelecs to adjust their own speed wherever necessary. It also makes trips with other riders of regular pedelecs more enjoyable, for example, when everyone can easily ride at the same speed together. However, the new dynamic mode must be predefined by the manufacturer and cannot be retrofitted. The “limit mode” is then displayed below the eco mode. Similar to Auto mode, it automatically adjusts its assistance so that the speed does not drop on climbs or headwinds and the driving mode does not have to be changed manually. Because the reduced top speed also reduces energy consumption, longer distances can be covered in “Limit mode”. The new riding mode is available for S-Pedelecs in Europe. However, the legal requirements for speed pedelecs — including the obligation to wear a helmet, license plate and insurance as well as the ban on using cycle paths — still apply!

The latest update of the eBike Flow app can be downloaded from the app store at no additional cost. After successfully updating the eBike system, the screens can be activated in the app settings under “My eBike” > “Display configuration”.

Maximum range: the new Bosch battery with 800 Wh capacity

There is also a new addition to the battery range, which is also the new top model in terms of capacity: In keeping with its name, the new PowerPack 800 offers a whopping 800 Wh of capacity, surpassing the company’s previous top performer — the PowerTube 750 — by a further 50 Wh. Interestingly, thanks to its modern cell construction and compact design, the new PowerPack 800 achieves an energy density of approx. 200 Wh/kg and therefore weighs approx. 3.9 kg. The PowerTube 750, on the other hand, weighs significantly more at 4.5 kg, despite its lower capacity! Of course, the comparison is somewhat misleading, as the two are different designs: the PowerPack is a battery that is placed on the frame, whereas the PowerTube is designed for integration into the frame. Nevertheless, it is good to see how battery technology continues to progress and enables more capacity with less weight.

Bosch Smart System News 2024 PowerPack 800 2
Bosch’s most powerful battery to date: PowerPack 800 Frame

With the new model, Bosch now offers a total of three variants of the PowerPack Frame models (the 400 Frame battery is currently no longer listed):

  • PowerPack 545 Frame: 545 Wh, approx. 3.0 kg weight, size 338 x 93 x 81 mm
  • PowerPack 725 Frame: 725 Wh, approx. 3.8 kg weight, size 344 x 95 x 100 mm
  • PowerPack 800 Frame: 800 Wh, approx. 3.9 kg weight, size 345 x 95 x 100 mm

All three models are only compatible with the current Bosch Smart System and can also be operated in DualBattery mode if the respective e-bike is equipped accordingly. With two PowerPacks 800 Frame, you then get up to 1,600 watt hours! From spring 2024, it should also be possible to combine PowerTube with a PowerPack battery in DualBattery mode; until now, this was only possible with the same battery types.

The new PowerPack 800 Frame is priced at 969 euros (RRP). For comparison: the PowerPack 725 Frame is currently available for around 750 euros (RRP 969 euros) and the PowerPack 545 Frame is available for around 600 euros (RRP 789 euros).



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