Fiido C21 and C22: these affordable urban e-bikes will be available in 2023
Beeline Velo 2: the compact bike navigation in test
Beeline Velo 2: Bike navigation especially for urban rides
Many innovations and yet hardly anything new: The Bosch e-bike news for 2023
The new generation of Serial 1 ebikes now also has Google on board
VACUUM for everyone: now you can use all smartphones with the innovative mount from Fidlock!
The new VanMoof S5 comes with a torque sensor — and as A5 with a low-step frame.
New software, new hardware: Bosch’s e-bike innovations 2022
In comparison: the smart e-bike trio VanMoof S3, Cowboy C4 and Veloretti Electric
Vodafone Curve Bike: GPS tracker with a tail light designed for bikes

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