Lemmo One MK2 2024: this update makes the smart bike even better!
Tenways CGO 009 in the test: the new smart bike with GPS tracking, boost button and a new motor
Improved software and a new battery: the Bosch e-bike innovations for spring 2024
The sound of silence: Riese & Müller’s UBN Five Silent with hub gears and belt drive tested
Less features, lower price: Cowboy brings a more affordable Core edition
Displays, motors and subscription via app: this is how Bosch is expanding the smart system
Reliable, affordable and still smart: these are the new VanMoof S4 and VanMoof X4 ebikes
Fiido C21 and C22: these affordable urban e-bikes will be available in 2023
Beeline Velo 2: the compact bike navigation in test
Beeline Velo 2: Bike navigation especially for urban rides

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