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Reliable, affordable and still smart: these are the new VanMoof S4 and VanMoof X4 ebikes


We had already speculated here about the new features and especially about the name of the new VanMoof bikes – and indeed the two new models are now called VanMoof S4 and VanMoof X4 as suspected. Thus, they form the somewhat cheaper entry with simplified technology below the still available VanMoof S5 and A5 models.

In terms of design, the new bikes pick up the iconic design of the previous generation VanMoof S3 & X3, but have been completely revised technologically. Thus, the new bikes now offer a new and automatic 2-speed shifting and an integrated Gen 4 Kick Lock, which locks the rear wheel with a foot kick.

Similarities and differences to the VanMoof S5 and A5

There is no need to compromise on smart features with the VanMoof S4 and X4: the new models still offer an integrated alarm system and location tracking. Via an integrated phone mount, the VanMoof app can be used as a dashboard to track the speed, duration and distance of each trip. That’s also the only way to get this kind of information — because the new models have neither the matrix display in the top tube of the 3-series generation, nor the halo light rings on the handlebars of the 5-series generation.

Still on the handlebars present however is the familiar Turbo Boost button, which provides instant acceleration of the hub motor in the front wheel with 59 Nm of torque. A “RPM sensor” is installed for the engine support — unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a torque sensor integrated here, as we know it from the 5-series generation! The gearshift also differs significantly from the larger model: while the S5 and A5 are equipped with an electronic 3-speed gearshift, the S4 and X4 come with a mechanical two-speed gearshift. This works automatically and shifts to the other gear at a defined speed — without being able to change it via a button or app. A quite simple, but also proven design!

The battery of the bikes is still firmly installed in the frame and offers a capacity of 478 Wh in both models. In terms of weight, the X4 with 24-inch tires and 20.3 kg is the lighter of the two, while the S4 with 27.5-inch tires is slightly heavier at 21.6 kg.

This reduction to simpler and proven technology is also one of the features that VanMoof promotes in the new models. Reliability is presented here as one of the highlights. A good approach — this is often one of the criticisms of the stylish design bikes.

Colors, prices and availability

The new VanMoof S4 & X4 is available in four vibrant colors with Evergreen, Sunbeam Yellow, Purple Fog and Foam Green, both models are available as usual in only one unisize size. The S4 is suitable for a body size between 170 and 210 cm, the more compact X4 for 155 to 190 cm tall riders.

With a price of 2,198 euros, the two novelties are thus the cheapest entry into the world of VanMoof and significantly more affordable than the S5 and A5 bikes, for which currently 3,498 euros are required. The market introduction of the new bikes takes place depending upon color differently: the start makes Evergreen, which is sold immediately. Purple Fog will follow from the end of May, Sunbeam Yellow from the end of June and Foam Green should then be available from the end of July. More information about the bikes and how to order can be found directly on VanMoof’s website.

Update from May 19, 2023: Contrary to the first announcement, all color variants can already be ordered on VanMoof’s website! Furthermore, the mentioned price is an introductory price that is valid until June 26. After that, the prices will increase to 2,348 Euros for orders until the end of August, and the regular retail price will then be 2,498 Euros starting in September.




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