The demise is official now: VanMoof is bankrupt! But how could it come this far?
Deferred payment requested: is this the beginning of VanMoof’s sinking?
Temporary sales stop at VanMoof: what’s going on there?
Earlier than expected: the new VanMoof S4 and X4 bikes can already be ordered in all colors!
Reliable, affordable and still smart: these are the new VanMoof S4 and VanMoof X4 ebikes
New smart bike on the horizon: Can we expect a low-priced VanMoof?
VanMoof makes a big price hike and increases the Smart-Bikes S5 and A5 as of May 1
Best price: the VanMoof S3 is now on sale for just 1,798 euros!
Back in black: the smart bikes VanMoof S5 and A5 have arrived in a dark colorway!
Last chance: the VanMoof S3 is now 500 euros cheaper!

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