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Less features, lower price: Cowboy brings a more affordable Core edition


What became of VanMoof after they presented a cheaper entry-level model is now widely known. So let’s hope that Cowboy will go a different way – because the Belgians expand today with the name addition Core also their line-up with a cheaper model. However, this is not a completely new bike, but the well-known Cowboy model series of the fourth generation. For this new Core model, you have to do without some features, but you can currently buy the bike for 500 euros cheaper from 2,490 euros!

What features are missing on the Cowboy Core?

The good news: it’s not much that Cowboy has cut for the entry-level model. It’s certainly bearable that the model is only available in black and there are no other color options — especially since this paint scheme is likely to be the most popular among Cowboy users anyway. More serious, however, is the second change: instead of the familiar Gates Carbon Drive belt, the bike now comes with a conventional bicycle chain for the first time! This means losing all the advantages that a belt drive offers: it’s clean, has low maintenance and it’s silent operation, which perfectly matched the equally quiet hub motor.

Cowboy Core Chain Belt Fahrradkette
For the first time at Cowboy: the classic bicycle chain instead of a belt drive

The new model also lacks the wireless charging option for the smartphone on the handlebar. As before, the cockpit offers a smartphone mount, but without the integrated Qi charger LED battery indicator. And finally, the included charger is a bit weaker in power, which results in a 40-minute increase in charging time. Apart from that, the Core model is identical to the well-known Cowboy Bike in terms of hardware.

Further differences can be found in the software, however: while Google navigation and tracking of the bike via GPS is on board for all bikes, Cowboy now packs extended software functions into the so-called Connect package. This includes the option of connectivity with the Apple Watch, predictive notifications and crash detection, as well as AdaptivePower, which was only introduced this year.

If the features of the new Connect package are a priority, the new Cowboy Core model can be purchased for an additional 300 euros, bringing the total price to 2,790 euros. The already available bikes for 2,990 euros now get the designation Performace+Connect.

The three new equipment variants at a glance:

  • Cowboy Core: bicycle chain instead of a belt, no smartphone charger, no LED battery indicator, standard charger. Available in black for 2,490 euros.
  • Cowboy Core+Connect: In addition to the Cowboy Core with software features such as AdaptivePower, Apple Watch connectivity, Predictive Notifications and Crash Detection. Available in black for 2,790 euros.
  • Cowboy Performance+Connect: In addition to the Cowboy Core+Connect with belt drive instead of bicycle chain, smartphone charger, LED battery indicator and quick charger. Available in 5 colors for 2,990 euros.


It is pleasing that the entry into the world of Cowboy has become a bit more accessible again thanks to the lowered price. For 2,490 Euros, you still get a very attractive bike that still offers essential features like GPS tracking despite the reduced software equipment. Whether the extended software options of the Connect package are worth 300 Euros is up to the user. For many, however, it is probably more decisive whether they actually want to do without the belt drive — after all, it is the ideal complement to the Cowboy’s elegant and modern appearance.

Regardless of these choices, customers can select these three trim levels on all three Cowboy bikes: the sporty Cowboy Classic, the Cowboy Cruiser with an upright seating position and the Cowboy Cruiser ST with a low step-in. Further information and ordering options are available directly on the Cowboy website.




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