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Riding relaxed: Cowboy launches a new cruiser variant for enhanced comfort


Back in the spring, Cowboy gave its popular Smart Bike an update in terms of software: thanks to smarter motor support from AdaptivePower, the singlespeed e-bike automatically offers more support when it’s really needed — for example, in headwinds, with a higher payload or on hills. Today, it’s the hardware’s turn to get an update as well: based on feedback from the community, Cowboy now offers an additional variant with the name Cruiser.

The new Cowboy Cruiser

And as the name suggests, it’s all about a more relaxed riding position. The new Cowboy Cruiser has a higher stem, and the handlebars are also ergonomically bent backwards, allowing a more upright and therefore more comfortable position. New comfort grips and a wider saddle are also intended to provide more comfort.

Cowboy Classic Cruiser Comparison
For comparison: In front the Cowboy Cruiser with higher handlebars and stem. Behind it the familiar Cowboy variant, which is now called Cowboy Classic.

By the way, these innovations are not entirely new: the previously available Cowboy ST model with the low-entry comfort frame is already equipped with similar features. Thus, the new cruiser model is, so to speak, the diamond frame variant with a higher top tube of the Cowboy ST model. To keep the range as clear as possible, Cowboy has therefore adapted the designations of all bikes:

  • Cowboy Classic is now called the previously available and still unchanged Cowboy C4 with straight handlebars and sporty seating position
  • Cowboy Cruiser ST is now the new designation for the previously available and still unchanged Cowboy C4 ST with comfort handlebars and comfortable seating position
  • Cowboy Cruiser is the new model — so to speak a Cowboy Classic with comfort handlebars and comfortable seating position

In addition to the new model variant and the new product names, Cowboy is now also integrating the Google Maps platform as a new navigation solution within the Cowboy app. An update that will also be available for users of older Cowboy bikes. And for the first time, the classic Cowboy design with a high top tube is also available in three new colors: clay, fig and lavender. This means that together with the familiar shades of black and sand, there are five colors to choose from for the Cruiser.


A probably overdue step that Cowboy is taking with the new Cowboy Cruise! When the C4 model generation was introduced, Cowboy went all out for the most complete integration possible on the handlebars, with all the cables and wires, together with the wireless charger for the smartphone, routed invisibly inside the cockpit. However, this meant that no subsequent adjustments could be made to improve the seating position. On the predecessor model Cowboy C3, on the other hand, it was still quite easy to install a steeper stem or comfort handlebars — but all that was now impossible. Complicating matters further is the fact that Cowboy only offers one frame size, which naturally does not fit differently sized people equally well.

The Cowboy ST with comfort frame was already a first step in the right direction and was aimed primarily at smaller riders. The new cruiser variant should be a welcome alternative for many more with a body height of 170 to 195 cm, where the upright seating position promises a real plus in comfort. The prices remain unchanged, so that all variants of the bikes can currently be ordered for 2,990 euros via the Cowboy website.




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