Better assistance via AdaptivePower

New colors, more power and a new price: Cowboy’s update for 2023


After the Cowboy C3 was finally taken off the market (apart from the price-reduced Circular models), the Belgians are now fully concentrating on the Cowboy C4. The smart bike is now getting a software update that is supposed to automatically provide better motor support in certain scenarios. In addition, the low-entry Cowboy C4 ST variant is being launched in three additional colors that perfectly match the upcoming spring!

Intelligent motor support via AdaptivePower

All bikes of the C4 generation will benefit from a new update that includes AdaptivePower technology. This will enable the existing sensors in the bike to recognize more precisely when riders need more support from the motor. As examples of this, Cowboy mentions starting uphill, the onset of headwinds or the additional load due to additional weight — for example, through the use of a child seat with a child.

Cowboy 4 Smart E Bike 2021 C4 Black
Thanks to AdaptivePower, the C4 generation is to provide more support when needed

Unfortunately, Cowboy does not really explain the exact mode of operation of this new technology; it only refers to the installed torque sensor. However, it is known that this sensor provides the power of the motor, which is specified with 45 Nm of torque, according to the pressure on the pedal. It would be conceivable that Cowboy records the ride via GPS and compares it with geodata — for example, hills could be detected automatically. But that is only speculation, so only a practical test can show how this new update works in everyday use and whether it also brings noticeable advantages.

Lavender, fig, clay — three new colors

While the software update is available for all Cowboy bikes, the new colors are exclusive to the Step Through ST-model. These are called lavender, fig and clay and are all soft pastel shades that perfectly match the minimalist aesthetic of the Cowboy bikes. The bike is also still available in black and sand.

The regular Cowboy C4 with diamond frame is also still available in these two colors, while the formerly third available color, khaki, is dropped without replacement.

Increased price: the Cowboy C4 is now almost 3,000 euros

While the aforementioned innovations are certainly welcome, they are somewhat marred by the new retail price of the Cowboy C4. Currently it costs namely 2,990 euros, which means that the bikes have become even more expensive by 100 euros. The times, in which these so-called Smart Bikes were already almost sold as bargains, seem to be over with it. The current S5 and A5 models now cost 2,998 euros at VanMoof — which is targeting a very similar group.

More information on the new features is available directly on the Cowboy website, where the bikes can also be ordered from now on. Delivery of the standard colors should take 10 to 15 days, while the new color variants will not arrive until April/May.



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