Sleek bikes with an innovative cockpit

Fiido C21 and C22: these affordable urban e-bikes will be available in 2023


The Fiido brand, based in Hong Kong, has so far been known more for compact folding bikes. Almost typical for many Asian suppliers, the focus in the past was primarily on a low sales price. However, Fiido’s quality and design standards are also growing steadily, as can be seen in the Fiido X — an ambitious folding bike that boasts an award-winning design.

Now they are taking another step forward for 2023 and expanding the range with numerous new models. In addition to electrically powered mountain bikes and road bikes, two urban bikes will also be released, which (at least judging by the current renderings) are really something to look at!

These models are named Fiido C21 and Fiido C22, the difference lies primarily in the frame shape and seating position. The C21 has a diamond frame and sporty, straight handlebars. The C22 is more comfortable with a trapezoidal frame and curved handlebars, and also offers mounting points for a frame rack at the front.

The technology of both models, however, is identical. The bikes are equipped with a compact hub motor in the rear wheel, the battery is firmly installed in the down tube. In addition to the motor, the controller and a torque sensor in the bottom bracket are also from MIVICE. We already know their drive system from the test rides with the Tenways CGO 600 and the Java Frenetica, where it was convincing in both cases.

Exact battery specifications have not been published, but we can probably assume a battery capacity of around 250 Wh. Fiido also plans to offer an optional range extender battery in the form of a water bottle.

While many competitors rely on the combination of singlespeed drive and belt drive for such bikes, Fiido relies on a classic derailleur with 9 gears for the new Urban Bikes. For many riders, this is certainly a good choice, as the range of action is much more flexible with a gear shift.

One innovative feature is the cockpit: the first thing that stands out is the integrated color display on the stem, which also has four hardware buttons. In addition, there is also a compact thumb button on the handlebars, which can be used to conveniently change the riding modes while riding. Incidentally, the bottom of the stem is where the cables are routed into the frame, resulting in a tidy look — a trend that is now making its way into more affordable bikes. Finally, there is also a headlight at the front of the stem, but a taillight is not visible in the renderings.

In addition to the controls on the bike itself, it should also be possible to connect via app and smartwatch. For example, there is an auto-unlock function that automatically activates or unlocks the bike when you walk near it. But here, too, exact technical specifications are still pending.

While an exact release date for the new models is still pending, Fiido has already specified the price: It is stated as “1,599” — we can assume that the currency is US dollars, which would be a real attack on the competitors.

Given the successful design, technical features and affordable price, the new Fiido C21 and C22 bikes could thus certainly become a very exciting newcomer of the still young year!




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