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Tenways CGO 009 in the test: the new smart bike with GPS tracking, boost button and a new motor


Just unveiled, now already being tested: Tenways is taking the next step with its new CGO 009 and now also offers a real smart bike with clever functions. Let’s take a closer look at what these features make possible and how the new model works in its basic function as an ebike!


There is no question that the new CGO 009, with its clean look, integrated lighting system and high handlebars, also follows a design that we are already familiar with from other Smart Bikes. And yet Tenways has given its new model its own character, for example with the headlight with two lenses already familiar from other models of the brand or the slim seat stay that extends to the top tube in front of the seat post. There is also an interesting detail on the seat post itself, as its clamp is integrated into the top tube and is invisibly covered by a rubber cap. For the first time in the CGO series, a permanently mounted rear light has also been integrated, which, like the headlight at the front, is powered by the bike’s battery.

The smoothly smoothed welded seams are impressive, giving the frame of the bike a very high-quality appearance — even in significantly higher price ranges, you often don’t find this level of workmanship! All add-on components such as mudguards, the rear rack or the handlebar/stem unit are black, which creates a modern, monochrome look, especially on our test model in the color Midnight Black.

Of course, the largely invisible drive system also contributes to this tidy appearance: the hub motor in the rear wheel is barely noticeable with its compact housing, the belt drive gives a purist look and the battery is integrated into the down tube. It is just logical that the controls on the handlebars are also inconspicuously subordinate to the overall appearance. You won’t find a bulky display here, instead you have the option of using the Tenways smartphone app.

Cables and lines run openly along the handlebars and are only routed into the frame at the headset, but are concealed from there. Although the look of the bike would certainly be even cleaner if these cables were concealed in the handlebars, the open routing makes the cockpit much easier to access for maintenance or component replacement.


A smart bike with full commuter equipment — that’s how you could describe the CGO009 in a nutshell. With sturdy aluminum mudguards, a rear rack and a permanently installed lighting system, the bike has all the ingredients for everyday use. Also worth mentioning are the sturdy kickstand on the rear triangle, the ergonomically curved handlebars and the tires, which are very wide at 50 mm.

For the electric drive system, Tenways uses a hub motor under its own name for the first time with the C9, which is at the top end of its class with a torque of 40 Nm. The torque sensor installed here is also a big plus — we have explained in detail in this article why this sensor enables particularly harmonious motor support. The removable battery, which has a capacity of 374 Wh, is a practical feature. The drive system is controlled using two compact controls on either side of the handlebars.

You won’t find any gears, as the CGO 009 is also a single speed bike. Instead of the conventional bicycle chain, a modern belt drive from market leader Gates is used here and the hydraulic disc brakes are also quality products from the manufacturer Tektro.


Let’s start here with the smart functions — because for the first time, Tenways is supplying a bike with a so-called smart module with the CGO 009. This is capable of being constantly updated with firmware updates and expanded in terms of functionality and also houses a motion sensor and a GPS transmitter to locate the bike. The Tenways app therefore allows you to see where the bike is currently located at any time. The app also notifies you about movements on the bike if it is parked and a so-called “safety zone” can be defined; if the bike is moved beyond this zone, a push notification is sent to the smartphone via the app. Navigation can also be used via the app — unfortunately, Tenways has not integrated a smartphone mount on the handlebars. There are also a few things we would like to see in the software in the future, such as an electronic shutdown of the drive outside the safety zone. Thanks to possible firmware updates, this doesn’t even seem far-fetched.

The redundancy of two rear lights is somewhat awkward and incomprehensible: in addition to the integrated rear light in the frame, the bike comes with a battery-powered rear light for mounting on the mudguard. While the lights integrated in the frame can be conveniently activated at the touch of a button on the handlebars, the battery light always has to be switched on and off manually on the housing. Perhaps the existence of the rear mudguard light is only due to the fact that the one integrated in the frame is not gerrman StVZO-approved. After all, the integrated rear light would be concealed when the rack is loaded, so the battery-powered one makes sense. However, if you take a pragmatic view, if you are riding without luggage anyway and a rear light is enough for you, you can simply leave out the battery-powered rear light.

Operating the electric drive system, on the other hand, raises no questions: the bike is switched on and off using the left button, and the three speed levels can also be set using the up/down buttons. In addition to a button for the lighting system, there is also a somewhat hidden button on the underside, which activates the push assist on the one hand and also offers a boost function on the other. When this is activated, the bike accelerates up to a top speed of 25 km/h! There is a second, formally similar element on the other side of the handlebars, which functions solely as a display. The selected speed level is shown here via LEDs, as well as the battery status in three gradations of over 75% capacity, under 25% capacity and the middle range in between.

All in all, the bike can be operated easily and logically in everyday life — even without a smartphone if you want to do without the smart additional features.

Thanks to the removable battery, you fortunately don’t have to carry the bike to the nearest power socket, which is definitely an argument for the CGO 009 — because in contrast to the previous bikes in this model series, the new Smart Bike has become significantly heavier and weighed exactly 23 kg in the test. Removing and inserting the battery is easy and safe thanks to the solid mechanics, and of course you can also charge the battery directly on the bike.

Riding impressions

The weight of the bike only plays a subordinate role during the ride, as the comfortable and upright riding position with the curved handlebars does not demand a sporty riding style anyway. Instead, it gives you the secure feeling of always having everything under control. The sensitive motor control, which offers a very natural riding experience, also contributes to this. The motor gently increases its support according to the pressure on the pedal and works more quietly than almost any other. However, the basic characteristics of a hub motor also apply here: this type of drive reaches its limits sooner on hills. Nevertheless, we were able to conquer steep inclines of over 15% in a seated position during the test, albeit at a correspondingly low speed.

While you will definitely choose the most powerful riding mode on the mountain, you can also get by well on the flat with the two lower modes. These are noticeably different in terms of their assistance levels and deliver the required power up to the limit of 25 km/h according to the pressure on the pedals. This is quickly reached on flat terrain and thanks to the bike’s gearing, you can still pedal at a comfortable cadence.

One very interesting feature is the boost mode, which you quickly get used to: especially when you are riding in low assist mode, the boost button makes it easy to conquer short climbs at the touch of a button. It’s just a shame that this mode can only be activated at a rolling speed of 6 km/h and above. For a quick start at traffic lights from a standstill, you first have to start off as usual up to this limit, after which the boost can kick in.

Despite the lack of suspension, the bike offers decent riding comfort — on the one hand due to the upright riding position, on the other hand due to the fat tires, which absorb many small bumps well when the air pressure is adjusted accordingly.


With its new CGO 009, Tenways delivers an attractive bike that is impressive even without the smart features: the design is appealing, the workmanship is high quality and the equipment is complete. The new and very quiet belt-driven motor is also impressive, and the assistance is extremely natural thanks to the torque sensor. New features such as tracking via GPS, movement reports or navigation within a single app as well as the practical boost function give the bike additional value that can still only be found on a few bikes. And thanks to the possibility of firmware updates, the bike also appears to be well equipped for the future.

With a retail price of 2,399 euros, Tenways remains true to itself with the CGO 009 and offers a lot of e-bike at a fair price. With the only frame size currently available, you should be around 175 cm or taller, but you have more options when it comes to the choice of colors: in addition to the Midnight Black shown here, the bike is also available in Ice Blue and stylish Olive Green directly from Tenways’ online store.




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