Starting at 12140 Euro

Maximum in all respects: the new Stromer ST7 S-pedelec


Maximum range, maximum power, maximum passion — and maximum price: Stromer combines cutting-edge technology and high-end components in the new flagship ST7 to create a speed pedelec in a class of its own.

The new electric bottom bracket gearbox from Pinion is used here for the first time. This not only offers lightning-fast gear changes, but can also provide automatic shift recommendations. In addition, a desired gear can be defined as a starting gear that is automatically engaged at every stop. The transmission on the Stromer is combined with the clean, quiet and low-maintenance Gates Carbon belt drive.

Typical for Stromer is the large hub motor in the rear wheel, which offers the ST7 a whopping 940 W of power with a torque of 52 Nm. And so that the power does not drop too soon even on frequent rides at the 45 km/h limit, the battery of the S-pedelec is equipped with a capacity of a gigantic 1440 Wh! Stromer calculates the range at 260 km — of course, this can vary in everyday use, as too many factors play a role in the e-bike.

However, if you ride fast, you also have to come to a precise stop again. For this purpose, Stromer equips the ST7 with the Blubrake anti-lock braking system, which prevents the front wheel from locking. This keeps the bike under control at all times and also prevents it from rolling over the handlebars.

Stromer ST7 S Pedelec Solid Gold
Stromer ST7 in Solid Gold

Stromer’s proprietary OMNI user interface on the ST7’s top tube offers connectivity via cellular network for GPS tracking, a smart lock function, allows custom motor settings, and provides ride info and statistics.

Commuters will enjoy the complete equipment with mudguards, rack and a very high-quality lighting system from Supernova. The M99 Pro headlight offers an impressive 1100 lumens for low beam and even 1,600 lumens for high beam. Although the bike has no active suspension, the 57 mm wide Pirelli Angel ST Sport tires in 27.5″ format should provide a certain amount of damping.

Stromer ST7 S Pedelec Dark Platinum
Stromer ST7 in Dark Platinum

If you know the price structure at Stromer, you won’t be too surprised at the list price of the new ST7. Everyone else probably is 😉 For example, the Stromer ST7 in Solid Gold (available from October 2022) costs 12,140 euros, and only the Dark Platinum model for 12,490 euros (available from January 2023) is slightly more expensive.




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