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Tenways CGO 600: A singlespeed ebike with belt drive at a bargain price


There is a really large selection of sleek e-bikes with singlespeed transmission and belt drive nowadays – and yet there is always a new bike worth reporting on. In this case, it’s about the CGO 600 from Tenways, which had its origins in a crowdfunding campaign. Now the bike is also manufactured on a regular basis and primarily attracts attention with its comparatively low price of 1,599 euros — but not only!

Tenways CGO 600 Single Speed Urban E Bike Design
15 kg light: the Tenways CGO 600

Natural power output thanks to torque sensor

The electrical system with a compact 250 W hub motor with 35 Nm torque in the rear wheel and the permanently installed battery with 252 Wh capacity in the down tube is almost standard equipment in this category of lightweight singlespeed bikes. However, the control of the drive is remarkable: Tenways actually installs a torque sensor here, which is surprising in view of the low price!

The great advantage of such a system is that the power of the motor is delivered synchronously with the force of pedaling. This means that if you pedal hard, the motor provides a lot of power. If, on the other hand, one pedals only weakly, the support of the motor is also rather low. This control system usually comes closest to the classic feel of cycling and is often only found in more expensive bikes. By the way, the system used in the Tenways comes from the Chinese manufacturer of Mivice. The e-drive is completed by a compact OLED display on the handlebars, which shows the speed and battery status, among other things. A free app also offers the option of displaying further information on the smartphone.

Just as praiseworthy as the torque sensor is the fact that Tenways trusts in quality branded products when it comes to the belt drive: the quasi-standard Gates Carbon Drive is used here, which is increasingly replacing the classic bicycle chain in such singlespeed bikes!

The rest of the components are not specified by Tenways — in line with the low price of the bike, these should be rather basic parts. The disc brakes are hydraulic, and there is a fixed headlight that is powered by the bike’s battery. The taillight, on the other hand, is detachable and must be charged separately via USB port. The 28″ tires are 40 mm wide and the weight of the bike is said to be a light 15 kg. However, you can’t expect elaborate details like an integrated cockpit with invisible cables in this price range.

Optionally, mudguards and a kickstand can be added when ordering the bike, which is currently even free of charge in conjunction with a newsletter subscription. Although the Tenways CGO 600 is only available in one variant as a diamond frame with a high top tube, this is available in two frame sizes (M for 165-185 cm tall riders, L for 180-200 cm tall riders) and in five colors (Sky Blue, Midnight Black, Arctic Blue, Lime Green, Light Grey).


Tenways offers a pretty interesting overall package with a rather sophisticated motor control and Gates’ Carbon Drive, which especially wants to score with the electric drive system. The other components are probably rather average, which is understandable considering the low price. Thanks to the two frame sizes, the bike is suitable for many riders, who will also be able to ride the bike as soon as possible: according to Tenways, the bike is currently shipped within 3 to 5 days — which is definitely good news in times of delivery bottlenecks. Further information and order details can be found directly here at Tenways.

Update: We were able to take a closer look at the bike now. Read the detailed review of the Tenways CGO 600 here.




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