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Cannondale’s Quick Neo SL Remixte in the test


If you are looking for a lightweight e-bike with a comfort frame (no, we do not want to call it a “ladies’ bike” here), you will notice: there is not that much choice in this segment! And certainly not if the price of the bike should also be rather in the lower range. But with the Quick Neo SL Remixte Cannondale offers a model that meets all the above-mentioned qualities — and where you can also hardly see the electric components.

Cannondale Quick Neo SL Remixte Test Review Design
Cannondale Quick Neo SL Remixte


The most striking feature of the Quick Neo SL Remixte is certainly the slim trapezoidal aluminum frame. This not only ensures a comfortable ascent and descent from the bike, but also gives it a timeless and elegant look thanks to straight lines and slim tubes. Thanks to the “naked” equipment without mudguards or racks, however, the bike definitely also looks sporty — which is underlined by the metallic turquoise paint. No wonder, after all Cannondale itself assigns the bike to its fitness models. Apart from the frame, all add-on parts are kept in matte black, which gives the bike a tidy look.

The X35 e-drive from Mahle is barely visible from the outside, only on closer inspection does one notice the hub motor in the rear wheel. The battery is hidden in the down tube and the only switch is located on the top tube — there is deliberately no display. The reflective stripe pattern on the frame is a simple and clever detail: it is hardly noticeable in daylight, but its reflection in the dark ensures more safety on the road.

However, the taillight under the saddle, which looks like a foreign body due to its size and mounting, is somewhat annoying — a more compact and inconspicuous solution would have been nice here. Plus points for the Cannondale stem, which has a smartphone holder from SP Connect (we have already tested here) integrated. The advantage of this solution is that the smartphone is perfectly centered on the stem. It should be said that a smartphone does not have to be used at all to use the bike. However, there are two apps that provide you with additional information if desired — but more on that in a moment.


As with many slim e-bikes, the Quick Neo SL also uses the X35 drive from Mahle. A complete system consisting of a rear hub motor with 40 Nm torque and a permanently installed 250 Wh battery in the down tube (which can be removed for servicing). The system is operated via a compact button with a LED ring on the top tube. Instead of a display, you can optionally use the appropriate smartphone app from Mahle to display information on speed, kilometers ridden or navigation.

There is also another data exchange option on the front wheel: a fitness sensor from Garmin is installed there, which records all movements of the bike and sends the data to Cannondale’s own app. Here, too, speed, distance ridden or calories burned can be displayed on the smartphone, but unfortunately this app does not provide access to the data of the electric drive (for example, the battery status). That’s a shame, since the Cannondale app is much more attractively designed than the Mahle app! Incidentally, the sensor in the front wheel has a memory and remembers the data for up to 30 days before a comparison with the smartphone is necessary.

A derailleur from Shimano’s Altus series with 9 gears is used. Due to the comparatively low price of the bike, this is also a rather simple model, which, however, performs its service without complaint. The same applies to the UR300 hydraulic disc brakes, which also come from Shimano.

The rear light with integrated reflector has already been mentioned and in this context one wonders where the front headlight is actually hidden. The search for this is futile, however, because there is simply none! What Cannondale has moved to this is difficult to understand — especially since the wires for the light are already in the frame and a simple headlight would have been just better than no headlight at all. As a consolation remains interested at least the hope that the retrofit should be relatively easy.

The saddle with its central relief opening and the ergonomically shaped handlebar grips come from Cannondale, the Energizer Plus tires with 38 mm width supplies Schwalbe. Mention should also be made of the standard built-in stand, which often proves to be a practical help in everyday use!


The only element for controlling the e-drive is the button called iWoc One on the top tube of the bike. It is used to switch the bike on, and an outer LED ring then provides information about the battery status in 20% increments. With one press of the button, you can then switch between the three driving levels. Once you have internalized how the button works, it is quite easy and intuitive to use in everyday life.

It only gets more complicated when you also want to switch the tail light on or off, which is also solved via this one button. You “just” have to press it a bit longer for this. However, if you press it for too long, the e-drive turns off completely; if you press it for too short a time, you inadvertently switch to another driving mode.

The battery is charged via a charging socket on the bottom bracket, which is closed with a sturdy rubber tab. Only the correct insertion of the rather delicate charging plug requires some precision. When the battery is empty, the charging process with the included charger takes about four hours. The LED ring of the button on the top tube provides colored information about how full the battery is charged.

Riding impression

The Quick Neo SL Remixte effortlessly pulls away thanks to the electric support, but also due to its comparatively low weight. The tested bike in size L weighed only 14.9 kg, which makes it almost light on its feet. This impression is supported by the rather upright and comfortable seating position, with which one would expect a rather leisurely bike. Instead, the bike responds so agilely and directly that it is simply fun to ride. Not only the Ergo saddle and the matching handlebar grips contribute to the comfortable seating position, but also the wide handlebar with a slight elevation. In addition, of course, the comparatively wide tires, which also roll pleasantly easy.

The motor’s support behaves like in all models with Mahles’ X35 system: The support in the two lower speed levels is rather subtle, but easily helps to compensate for adversities like headwinds and slight inclines. The highest level then provides significantly more thrust, so that even steeper sections for a short time – at least in an urban context – are no problem. Of course, the gearshift with its 9 gears provides support here, which is just as appropriately selected for the bike’s range of use. The quiet operation of the electric drive, which can only be perceived acoustically by a very discreet humming, should be emphasized.

Cannondale Quick Neo SL Remixte Test Review Mood
Slim design with invisible e-technology


In the meantime, Cannondale demands 2,499 euros for the Quick Neo SL Remixte tested here — significantly more expensive than last year, but still one of the cheaper bikes in this segment (the prices have increased in 2021 at almost all manufacturers). As expected, the components are accordingly rather simple, but functional — and make the bike a solid and affordable everyday bike. On the other hand, the nimble handling in combination with the comfortable seating position, which provides a lot of riding pleasure, is a real surprise! One could then almost overlook the blunder of the missing front headlight …

For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the Quick Neo SL is of course also available with a classic diamond frame, then in a light sage-gray with identical equipment. More information on the entire model series is available directly at Cannondale.




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