Review: SP Connect’s smartphone mounting-system for bicycles


Recently, the trend for e-bikes has increasingly been towards minimalist systems that do not need their own display. Instead, a smartphone app is offered as an option, with which almost all information can be displayed and settings can be made to the software of the bike. What is hardly considered, however, is the possibility of attaching smartphones to the handlebars. Unfortunately, hardly any bikes are equipped with this feature from the factory, which is why it is not surprising that the accessory market is booming in this category.

SP Connect plays a fairly large role here, having developed a whole system around the mounting of smartphones. The spectrum here ranges from fitness, car, motorcycle and even bicycle mounts – and the latter are discussed in this test. In short, the system consists of a mount, which in our case is attached to the bicycle, and a fitting case for the smartphone. Both are connected with a mechanical plug-in system, in which the smartphone is turned by 90° after being inserted and then clicks into place.

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The heart of the system: the mechanical connection

The smartphone cases are available for Apple, Samsung and some Huawei devices, and there are also some universal models for smartphones from other manufacturers. Here in the test, the iPhone X was used with the matching case.

The black cases are made of plastic and make a good impression. The strength of the material is a good compromise between a secure hold for the smartphone and sufficient flexibility to insert and remove the device. The surface of the case is rubberized, which gives a pleasant feel and has not shown any signs of wear so far. The inside of the case is covered with a velvet layer to protect the smartphone from scratches — but thanks to the high fitting accuracy of the case, little dust can get inside anyway. The connector on the back is inserted separately and has a smooth, round circle. This makes it easier to rotate it when inserting the Smartphone to ensure a secure hold.

In addition, a transparent rain cover is offered, which is put over the complete case and also covers all openings on the smartphone. This way, no water should get into the device — but you’ll certainly want to do without this accessory in everyday life, as the whole thing gets quite clumsy and touch gestures have to be performed with more pressure.

There are then several possibilities for mounting on the bicycle: Firstly, there is a universal mount called SP Connect Micro Bike Mount, which is fastened similar to a cable tie and can also be easily released again. It can be mounted on the handlebars or in the middle of the stem. The SP Connect Micro Stem Mount, which is mounted directly instead of the headset cap, is more elegant and firmly screwed on. The only disadvantage here is that the smartphone is positioned quite far towards the rider and not further forward towards the handlebars. Apart from that, it is an absolutely inconspicuous solution, which is hardly noticeable even without a Smartphone in use.

Both mounts proved to be a stable and safe solution in everyday life — after all, nobody wants to lose their expensive smartphone while driving! The only important thing is to always make sure that the connection clicks into place when inserting the smartphone, which is also easy to see visually because the device is positioned straight.

As basic equipment you need a SP Connect Case, which costs about 30 Euro, as well as a corresponding holder for the bike. The cheapest way to get away with the SP Connect Micro Stem Mount for a good 10 Euro, there are many more possibilities here. There is also a so called SP Connect Bike Bundle, which consists of a set of case, different mounts and the rain cover and costs about 50 Euro. Thanks to the many possibilities, good quality and above all a secure hold, the system is definitely worth a recommendation!




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