Best-of: 10 of the most beautiful bicycles and e-bikes with a low entry comfort frame
Sporty bikes with everyday equipment: the Rose Sneak is now also available as an EQ version
Classics in a new look: Schindelhauer bikes in fresh and limited colorways
Vesterbro TPZ: the sleek commuter e-bike from Coboc is now available with a comfort frame
Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL: Affordable everyday e-bikes with suspension and fat tires
Elops LD500E: Affordable urban e-bikes with large battery and elegant design
Limited Edition: Canyon’s new Urban E-Bikes Commuter:ON 8 LTD and Roadlite:ON 8 LTD
UBN — Riese & Müller’s new Urban series features agile ebikes with smart features
Functional and attractive: the new Schindelhauer e-bikes Emilia and Emil
Ribble Hybrid Bikes: Lightweight and affordable e-bikes from the UK

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