With Pinion Gearbox and Mahle X35+ Motor

Functional and attractive: the new Schindelhauer e-bikes Emilia and Emil


With the current models Antonia and Arthur Schindelhauer has already highly successfully electrified its well-known urban bike classics. Now, with the new models Emilia and Emil, the second strike follows, as both represent the E-variant of the duo Greta and Gustav. As with the models without motor, the two new e-bikes also impress with their high functionality with a stable front rack and an equally elegant appearance.

According to Schindelhauer’s typical nomenclature, Emilia designates the model with comfort frame and lower entry, here in trapezoid shape. Emil, on the other hand, is the counterpart with a typical diamond frame.

An important part of this elegance is certainly the electric drive system, which again comes from Mahle. The now very popular X35+ system consists of a compact hub motor in the rear wheel and a slim battery with a capacity of 205 Wh, which is firmly installed in the down tube. The whole system is controlled via a button on the top tube, which allows the selection of three speed levels. In addition, a multicolored LED ring indicates the remaining battery capacity, and the light insert can also be switched on or off.

Like every bike from Schindelhauer, the two new ones also come with the belt instead of conventional bicycle chain, here the Gates Carbon Drive of the CDX type. This is combined with the Pinion bottom bracket gearbox, which — depending on personal preference — is available with 6 or 9 gears. The range is then 295% for the 6-speed model, and as much as 568% with 9 gears.

In addition to this largely maintenance-free drive, both bikes also impress in their remaining equipment with high functionality: so a stable front carrier is part of the standard equipment, which is firmly connected to the frame. This provides, compared with front carriers that are connected to the fork, for more driving stability in curves. But that’s not all: stable mudguards with integrated lighting system are also installed on the bike, the headlight LightSKIN Ultra-Mini-Light U2E is the world’s smallest StVZO-approved bicycle front light (for the first time we have seen this model already on Canyon’s Commuter:ON). And finally, the standard bike stand also ensures more everyday usability. On the other hand, the comparatively wide tires with 47 mm, as well as the handlebars that are clearly bent backwards, ensure the most comfortable ride possible. Despite the extensive equipment, the bikes are still relatively light: Emil weighs 18.3 and 18.6 kg (6-/9-speed), Emilia is even slightly lighter at 17.6 and 17.9 kg (6-/9-speed).

Schindelhauer’s Emil will be available in three sizes (S, M and L) in the color mineral gray, while Emilia will be available in two sizes (S and M) in the color sage green. Prices are 3,995 euros each for models with Pinion’s 6-speed transmission, and 4,350 euros for the 9-speed models.

This means that — despite the identical drivetrain and additional front rack — the models are around 700 euros cheaper than the Antonia and Arthur duo that is already available. However, you will have to wait a little longer for the two newcomers: Emilia and Emil will not be delivered until November 2021, but both bikes can already be ordered now due to the high demand.




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