Special bikes with a comfort frame

Best-of: 10 of the most beautiful bicycles and e-bikes with a low entry comfort frame


The classic term “women’s bike” has changed over the years — comfort frames, step-through bikes or specialist terms such as Mixte and Trapeze have now found their way onto the market. On the one hand, this is completely understandable, as the type of bike you ride should not depend on your gender. On the other hand, the target group for these bikes is likely to be largely female. And no matter how you look at it: The selection of attractive step-through models is considerable and in terms of looks, they are in no way inferior to their “men’s” counterparts with diamond frames — on the contrary!

Modern beauties: 5 low entry urban e-bikes

Moustache Lundi 28 6 Urban Bike Nabenschaltung Riemenantrieb 2024
Fully equipped with a powerful motor in five attractive colors: the Lundi 27 from Moustache


Moustache Lundi 27: The Lundi 27 was the first e-bike designed by the French company Moustache — and it is still an icon and the face of the brand today: elegant, comfortable, practical, intuitive to use and of course with the famous and comfortable Moustache handlebars! Powered by a powerful mid-drive motor and fully equipped, the solid bike leaves nothing to be desired in everyday life — and is even available in five colors. The Lundi 27 is available in Stone Grey, Terracotta, Black, Midnight Blue and Pastel Mint. Prices start at 2,799 euros, more information can be found on the Moustache website.

Cowboy C4 ST Smart Bike Lavendel 2023 1
Minimalist and cool: the Cowboy ST


Cowboy ST: The minimalist Cowboy ST is also available in five colors (sand, black, lavender, clay and fig). As a singlespeed without gears with the hub motor in the rear wheel, the electric drive is barely visible, but the battery in the seat tube can still be easily removed for charging. Otherwise, the smart bike relies heavily on the connection with the app, and there is also Apple Watch connectivity. Currently available from 2,696 euros directly from Cowboy.

Tenways CGO800S Urban E Bike Damenrad Design 2024
The most affordable e-bike in this overview: the CGO 800S from Tenways


Tenways CGO800S: The Tenways CGO800S also has a purist single speed drive with belt drive, as well as a removable battery. With a suspension fork, however, the bike focuses more on comfort and is also significantly cheaper. The bike is available in the colors Sky Blue, Pebble Grey and Black from 1,899 euros directly from Tenways.

Veloretti Electric Ivy Urban E Bike Damenrad Design 2024
Velorett Ivy with automatic transmission


Veloretti Electric Ivy Two: We recently tested the Veloretti Electric Ace Two, the model with a high top tube. For this, Veloretti also offers the matching counterpart with a comfort frame, the Ivy. This is also equipped with a continuously variable automatic transmission and belt drive and has many smart features. There are four color variants in Dune, Graphite and Black, as well as the model shown here in Pebble Grey. The price for all variants is 3,299 euros.

Rose Sneak Plus EQ MidStep Urban E Bike Damenrad Design 2024
The Sneak Plus EQ has a sporty look


Rose Sneak Plus: The Sneak Plus MidStep from Rose is one of the more sporty models. The riding position is rather stretched, and the weight of the bike is also very light at around 15 kg. Here, too, a hub motor and belt drive are installed, but the battery is firmly integrated into the frame. The bike is available in black and white for 2,799 euros with the EQ equipment shown (mudguards and lighting system) or without this additional equipment from 2,149 euros directly from Rose.

Elegant classics: 5 urban bikes with a low step frame

Rose Sneak EQ MidStep Urban Bike Damenrad Design 2024
The Rose Sneak is also available without electric drive


Rose Sneak: We have just finished with the Sneak Plus in the e-bike category, here we continue with the analog Sneak. Without the electric motor, the sporty bike cuts an even better figure, as the frame is even slimmer and more elegant. The single-speed drive of the Plus version has also been dispensed with, with derailleur gears being used instead. In terms of color, you have the choice between light chalk and the light mint pictured here. Prices for the Sneak start at 1,399 euros, available directly from Rose online.

Creme Echo Mixte Uno Urban Bike Damenrad Design 2024
Classic and sporty: the Creme Echo Mixte Uno


Creme Echo Mixte Uno: The Echo Mixte Uno from Creme Cycles is also rather sporty, but very different. With many polished components, it is reminiscent of classic bicycles, offers a 6-speed derailleur gear system and shines in beautiful Vampire Red. Currently available from 719 euros.

Gazelle Van Stael Urban Bike Damenrad Design 2024
Just as classic, but with hub gears: Gazelles Van Stael


Gazelle Van Stael: Things remain classic: the Van Stael from Gazelle also has a traditional look with an elegant and slim steel frame. Instead of derailleur gears, however, a maintenance-free hub gear with 7 gears is installed here. The saddle and grips are from Brooks and complete the design of the bike, which is currently available in the colors jeans, warm grey and ink blue at a price of 799 euros.

Cube Hyde Urban Bike Damenrad Design 2024
Sporty and belt-driven: the Cube Hyde Race


Cube Hyde: Back to the here and now — the Hyde from Cube does away with a classic look and instead shines with the latest technology and its shimmering metallic frame. Although a hub gear is also installed here, it is controlled by a modern and clean belt drive. The Cube Hyde Race pictured here is currently available for 1,129 euros.

Mika Amaro Woman Deluxe Urban Bike Damenrad Design 2024
Elegant down to the last detail: the Mika Amaro Woman Deluxe


Mika Amaro Woman Deluxe: Here, craftsmanship is combined with high-end — the Women Deluxe from Mika Amaro not only fascinates with its eye-catching paint finish in glossy purple. The modern brakes, 11-speed hub gears, belt drive and integrated lighting system leave nothing to be desired. Of course, all this comes at a price, which here is 3,099 euros.




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