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Futuristic urban bike with a retro look: our review of the Veloretti Electric Ace Two


The Electric Ace Two from the Dutch company Veloretti features a look that is reminiscent of traditional bicycles — but combines it with state-of-the-art features such as automatic transmission, belt drive and GPS tracking to create a unique yet futuristic urban bike that raises high expectations. Our review reveals whether these are also fulfilled in everyday use!


To say it right away: Veloretti also offers the Ace Two in three other color variants with a matte finish and black tires, which are significantly less retro. However, the Jet Black model tested here stands out and bridges the gap to classic Dutch bikes: this is thanks to the tall and comfy curved handlebars, silver and polished add-on parts, classic brown coloring on the handlebar grips and saddle as well as the tires in light cream.

Veloretti Electric Ace Two Test Review Stylish Commuter Bike
A clean design despite full equipment

However, it is the modern components that make the appearance of the Ace Two so unique: a headlight, four buttons and a display are integrated flush into the handlebars, two striking light elements at the front and rear are embedded directly into the frame and the battery is placed inconspicuously in the down tube. The rather large motor, on the other hand, is by no means inconspicuous, but still blends harmoniously into the rather voluminous frame design. All in all, the result is an extremely tidy look that hardly any other bike offers in this quality!

Remarkable, because the Ace Two lacks almost nothing: with gears, removable battery, mudguards and a fully-fledged lighting system, the bike is fully equipped — even the specially designed kickstand fits in perfectly with the design. Only a pannier rack needs to be fitted if required, for which Veloretti offers the appropriate accessories. The same applies to the frame lock already fitted to the test bike.

But that high level of integration also comes with a few compromises: the stem/handlebar unit cannot be adjusted or replaced — it either fits you or it doesn’t. The same applies to the frame, which is only available in one size for riders between 173 and 200 cm tall; as expected, the test bike fitted very well at 185 cm, although you can feel the high top tube when standing with the feet on the ground.


Let’s stay on the subject of equipment: the aforementioned belt drive comes from industry leader Gates and transfers the power from the mid-motor to Enviolo’s continuously variable transmission. The motor is made by Bafang, type M200, and delivers up to 65 Nm of torque, while the continuously variable transmission from Enviolo’s City series offers a range of 310 percent. The transmission is controlled fully automatically, which is not only evident from the gearbox on the rear wheel labeled AutomatiQ. This also means that there is no need for a gearshift with a corresponding cable on the handlebars, which also contributes to the clean look of the cockpit.

This means that the only cables on the handlebars are those for the hydraulic MT200 disc brakes from Shimano. All other cables are integrated, including those for the Osram headlight. This provides the necessary visibility in the dark and follows the steering angle with its light beam. In contrast, the front light element in the frame serves as a daytime running light to make you more visible in traffic. The rear light in the frame also fulfills this function, but also acts as a brake light. It is controlled by a deceleration sensor and is therefore not connected to the brake lever. Both LED elements in the frame, which Veloretti describes as “hyperbolic”, also look quite futuristic with their uniform flat light strip and are reminiscent of modern light signatures from the automotive sector.

The bike’s battery has a large capacity of 540 Wh and is located in the down tube, but can be easily removed for charging. Alternatively, the battery can of course also be charged directly in the bike.

Selle Royal supplies the Essenza saddle, while the handlebar grips come from Veloretti itself. The same applies to the kickstand and the mudguards painted in the same color as the frame, which are precisely matched to the 50 mm wide tires.

GPS tracking and the software also make the Veloretti Electric a real Smart Bike: the bike can be located via a smartphone app, it also offers a navigation function and so-called Safety Tracking: In the event of an accident, a message about the current location can be sent to a desired contact person by pressing the button for four seconds. It’s just a shame that the bike doesn’t have an alarm system — although the necessary components are available with the integrated loudspeaker for the electronic bell.


No gear lever and no other familiar buttons: the Ace Two goes its own way when it comes to operation! The focus is on the display, which is positioned centrally on the handlebars. It shows various riding information and navigation on four slides and also allows you to set the desired cadence of the Enviolo gearbox. To do this, you define the desired cadence in RPM at which you want to ride. As far as possible within the range of the gearbox, the gear system then automatically adjusts the transmission so that this cadence is maintained as constantly as possible.

Thanks to the buttons on the handlebars, this desired cadence can be easily adjusted or changed and — thanks to the latest update — is also saved for the next ride. Of course, these buttons can also be used to select one of the five riding modes, change the display and activate the electronic bell. However, as is often the case with electronically generated bell noises, neither of the two ring tones from the loudspeaker on the Veloretti is perceived as a warning signal by passers-by. Thanks to the well-defined pressure point and their size, the buttons can be easily operated with the thumbs — even in winter when wearing gloves!

All in all, Veloretti offers an intuitive and convincing operating concept, which is all the more remarkable considering that it was developed in-house! The same applies to the smartphone app, which not only displays the current settings of the bike, but also serves as navigation: destinations can be entered and saved here, and the route is then shown on the handlebar display with arrows. Firmware updates for the bike can also be installed via the app.

Riding impressions

There was hardly a word to be read about controlling the drivetrain and gears — and that’s exactly what makes the Ace Two with its automatic transmission so appealing! You switch the bike on, ride off and don’t have to worry about anything else. Unusual for anyone coming from a bike with conventional gears, but you quickly get used to this comfort, which is perfect for relaxed gliding along!

Shifting gears while riding is barely noticeable under low load; the AUTOMATiQ control unit only gets a little hectic when the pedals are pushed suddenly and starts to make a buzzing noise. In contrast, the Bafang motor is almost silent in every situation and, together with the belt drive, offers an extremely quiet e-drive.

The motor is just as unobtrusive as the background noise when it comes to power delivery: it starts smoothly and harmoniously, and then supports you quickly up to the limit of 25 km/h — but even in the strongest “Superhero” mode, it doesn’t necessarily feel overpowered. On steep roads (in the test with gradients of up to 15 percent), the bike struggles a little; such routes can be conquered, but the speed is greatly reduced. One reason for this is certainly the high overall weight of the bike, which we measured at 29.1 kg (including frame lock). In addition, the motor power is noticeably reduced to protect the battery as soon as the remaining battery capacity falls below 10 percent.

Compared to single-speed bikes without gears, however, the Veloretti has the advantage that it is generally easier to manage inclines and that the cadence remains pleasantly low even at high speeds thanks to the automatic transmission. In keeping with its Dutch origins, the Ace Two therefore feels more at home on the flatter terrain, where it really comes into its own. The comfortable and upright riding position also matches the stress-free drive — so you can cruise through the city quickly and relaxed!

Although the bike has no suspension, with the right air pressure it is still comfortable enough to ride over bumpy roads. The fact that nothing rattles even on such routes can be attributed to the high quality workmanship of the bike: all components make a stable and durable impression, only the silvery surface of the handlebars seems to be quite susceptible to scratches. The handlebars also stand out due to their narrow width. This means that steering commands are implemented very directly, which is particularly advantageous when maneuvering in narrow city streets.

Veloretti Electric Ace Two Test Review Retro Futuristisch 1
Futuristic bike with a retro look: the Veloretti Electric Ace Two scores points in the test, and not just with its design!


With the Electric Ace Two, Veloretti has achieved a remarkable ebike: it offers a first-class and unique design that also offers high utility value with its extensive equipment. The specially developed user interface works perfectly and the electric drive system with its continuously variable automatic transmission and the belt drive ensures comfortable yet speedy riding. Only on steep climbs and when the battery is low does the drive reach its limits and then only takes you at a leisurely pace.

Smart features such as navigation, GPS tracking or safety tracking offer welcome added value, which, together with the components installed, makes the price of € 3,299 seem very reasonable. As an alternative to the Ace with a Dimant frame, Veloretti also offers the Ivy, which is aimed at riders between 164 and 184 cm tall with a comfort frame. Further information and ordering options can be found directly on the Veloretti website.




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