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Limited Edition: Canyon’s new Urban E-Bikes Commuter:ON 8 LTD and Roadlite:ON 8 LTD


What a week: At first, Fazua unveiled the brand new Ride 60 drive system, which combines unobtrusive integration and light overall weight with strong performance and a bigger battery. And now, after Riese & Müller, Canyon also launches two bikes with this drive system today. That’s right, there are two models — but both are limited!

Commuter and Roadlite: Urban bikes in two variations

Both bikes are basically two familiar models that have now been updated for the new Fazua system: we already know the Canyon Roadlite:ON as well as the Canyon Commuter:ON, the latter we already had in test here. Thanks to Fazua’s new Ride 60 drive system, the bikes now benefit from a 60 Nm motor that has become even more compact and also lighter. In addition, the handling of the system has been optimized.

However, the biggest difference is the battery: it is still removable, but now offers a capacity of 430 Wh – significantly more than the old 250 Wh battery! You should always be cautious about the range stated by the manufacturer, as too many external factors play a role. But still, the comparison between the previous Ride 50 drive with 250 Wh and the new Ride 60 with 430 Wh gives a clue: here are mentioned about 75 km (Ride 50) and about 130 km (Ride 60), which also corresponds to the extra capacity of the battery of about 70 percent. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the battery can now be charged directly in the bike (the charging socket for this is placed on the underside of the top tube). What actually sounds like a matter of course was simply not possible with Fazua until now.

For controlling the system, Fazua’s Control Hub is installed: an inconspicuous thumb switch that displays the battery status and driving mode with an LED ring. There is also a USB-C port for charging the smartphone. This can be optionally attached directly to the bike’s stem via a mount from SP Connect (reviewed here), the Fazua app then displays further information about the ride and the system.

Commuter:ON 8 LTD — the fully equipped commuter bike

According to its name, the Commuter:ON 8 LTD is aimed at commuters and therefore comes with a full set of features suitable for everyday use. This means that a lighting system with LightSkin headlight and Supernova rear light, mudguards and a rear rack are standard equipment. Canyon omits the topic kickstand, but this can be retrofitted quite easily. For a little more riding comfort, Canyon’s carbon seatpost is also installed, which offers a springy function.

The shifting is again from Shimano, a derailleur of the XT group with 12 gears and a huge cassette (10-51 teeth). Some innovations can be found in the cockpit: the cables of the gearshift and e-drive are now routed below the handlebars into the stem — but you can’t see any brake lines at all. Canyon installs here the new MCi system from brake manufacturer Magura, in which the hydraulic unit and brake line are installed inside the handlebar!

Canyon Commuter ON 8 LTD Fazua Ride 60 MID
Also available with a comfort frame: Commuter:ON 8 LTD MID

In addition to the Commuter:ON 8 LTD with diamond frame, there is also a comfort frame in trapezoid shape with the addition MID. Both variants are available in three sizes each in the color white. By the way, the weight is 17.5 kg — a very good value considering the equipment and performance of the e-drive! At 3,799 euros, the new model is 500 euros more expensive than the Commuter:ON 7 with its older Ride 50 drive — but judging by the technical data, the surcharge for the new model should be well spent!

Roadlite:ON 8 LTD — Lightweight Urban Bike with Power and Endurance

Who can do without the reasonable equipment of the Commuter:ON, might go for the lightweight Roadlite:ON 8 LTD! By removing parts, the bike looks sportier and is with 15.6 kg it is even lighter. The remaining components are largely identical to the Commuter:ON, but there are some differences in the cockpit: here you have regular MT30 brakes from Magura and also the cables are laid open in the conventional way. In addition, the stem-handlebar unit here is made of carbon, which also contributes to the low weight.

The color white is also set here, but the Roadlite is offered only the diamond frame (but then in four frame sizes). The price is identical to the Commuter model and is thus also 3,799 euros.

All the bikes are now available for order on Canyon’s website, but the addition LTD already indicates: the number of units is limited for the time being, which probably also points to a lack of availability of components. And even those who order immediately will have to be patient: The first deliveries of these LTD models are expected for August 2022.




2 thoughts on “Limited Edition: Canyon’s new Urban E-Bikes Commuter:ON 8 LTD and Roadlite:ON 8 LTD”

  1. WannabeCommuteOnRider

    Slowly but for sure it starts to be a bit annoying.
    We are approaching October now and still there is no sign of the bikes.
    One thing for sure. Canyon knows how to get people hooked and don’t deliver. But in a way they don’t go to their competition and buy there. It starts to get old…

  2. UrbanBike.News | Oliver

    Indeed, the website now states ” shortly available “, previously it was August as a delivery date stated. I think Canyon wants to deliver the bikes as perfectly as possible. For comparison: the UBN bikes from Riese and Müller are already on sale but apparently the software of the new Fazua drive system is not ready yet. Maybe that’s why Canyon is still waiting.

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