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Classics in a new look: Schindelhauer bikes in fresh and limited colorways


For the start of the 2024 season, the Berlin-based company Schindelhauer Bikes is launching some of its most popular urban bike classics in new and limited color variants. These include the pairs Lotte and Ludwig, Frieda and Friedrich and Greta and Gustav — in keeping with Schindelhauer’s naming convention, this refers to the “ladies’ bike” with a comfort frame and low step-through as well as the classic diamond frame with a high top tube.

Lotte and Ludwig as Pearl Blue and Pine Green Edition

In particular, Schindelhauer’s Ludwig is certainly considered the brand’s classic, as this bike has embodied the typical Schindelhauer look of straight lines, classic appeal and purist design from the very beginning — paired with a hub gear and the Gates Carbon Drive belt drive! For this limited edition, Schindelhauer uses the top model of the Shimano Alfine hub gears with 11 gears and gives the two bikes the colors Pearl Blue (for Lotte) and the great Pine Green (for Ludwig). Both bikes are limited to 150 units each and cost 2,350 euros.

Same colors, more equipment: Frieda and Friedrich

With the two models Frieda and Friedrich, Schindelhauer offers a somewhat more everyday alternative to the duo Lotte and Ludwig. In addition to mudguards, a rear rack and a lighting system, the frame geometry and handlebars are also designed to be a little more comfortable. The colors of the special edition are identical: Pearl Blue (for Frieda) and Pine Green (for Friedrich). Both bikes are also limited to 150 units each and cost 2,995 euros.

Greta and Gustav in a classic look for the first time

In 2017, Schindelhauer expanded its range with Greta and Gustav, a somewhat more affordable — and thanks to the front carrier — also rather practical everyday bike with 8-speed hub gears and belt drive. The two models always had a slightly more modern look and did without polished add-on parts. However, the two new special models now prove that the classic look also suits them magnificently: as a Classic Edition, silver and polished parts are combined with the classic colors Cream White (on Greta) and Midnight Blue (on Gustav), and the mudguards are also painted in the frame color. Elegant Brooks components complete the high-quality appearance, which is also reflected in the price: at €2,350, this Classic Edition is also €600 more expensive than the regular models in this series.



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