Since the beginning of 2019 UrbanBike.News is an online magazine that informs all about the Urban Bike. The spectrum ranges from classic bikes to current e-bikes and pedelecs. We inform about the right accessories as well as new technology trends. In addition, extensive reviews and tests provide detailed information about interesting products. 

In addition to the German-language website, since 2020 the articles have also been available in English (automated translations). UrbanBike.News is also present with the corresponding channels on the social media platforms InstagramFacebook and Pinterest

The monthly website traffic figures for the entire year 2021 on average or followers on Instagram are as follows:

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Due to seasonal effects, a note on the strongest single month to date: May 2021 saw 123.000 page views and 66.600 users. 

Demographic characteristics:
Gender groups in percent

Demographic characteristics:
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The entire content is aimed at a target group that sees the urban bike not only as a simple transport vehicle, but also as an expression of lifestyle, thanks to the carefully selected themes and products. This is also a reason why the readership is less price-sensitive and appreciates high-quality products with appealing design of good quality.

UrbanBike.News thus offers an ideal platform for brands from this segment to present and promote their own products. 

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