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Is this the new VanMoof S4? Info on the potential VanMoof S3 successor (Update)


VanMoof has just published a teaser for an online unveiling party on October 12 at 5 p.m. (Central European Summer Time) on its social media pages. It includes a photo that already allows vague speculations. Is it the successor of the popular VanMoof S3, which would then be called VanMoof S4 according to the previous nomenclature? Quite possible, and there are several clues that point to a new bike: VanMoof has given the current bikes S3 and X3 a small update this year, but this can rather be considered a small model update.

If you also look at the competitors, VanMoof may well feel compelled to bring a really big update or a completely new model. Cowboy already announced the new model generation C4 and C4 ST in spring. Then Veloretti, another competitor, entered the market with the Electric models Ivy and Ace, pursuing a similar concept. These e-bikes feature innovations such as a wireless charging option for smartphones or integrated brake cables on the handlebars of the Cowboy or a powerful mid-mounted motor and removable battery on the Veloretti. Some of these features are also eagerly awaited by fans of VanMoof!

The fact that the bikes are only comparable with each other to a limited extent can already be read in detail in this article. Nevertheless, they are all chic e-bikes at comparatively low prices with smart features that are sold directly by the manufacturer. So, is VanMoof too late to the market with the new model? Not necessarily, because not everything is going according to plan at the competition: The new Cowboy bikes were supposed to have been delivered in September, but this will probably be delayed until at least the end of October. Veloretti is also struggling with problems: there have been isolated battery fires, and bikes are currently being shipped without batteries — which will be delivered later.

But back to the VanMoof announcement! So far, there is only one teaser image, but it already allows for some conclusions:

We see the front area of the bike with the perspective from the ground upwards. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether the front wheel still has a hub motor. As usual, the bike has a fender, but above it it gets exciting: a headlight can be seen, but it is designed in a hexagonal shape — until now, it was circular, analogous to the frame tubes. The head tube and fork also look much more edgy and angular. This could indicate a really new frame that is less filigree and could thus possibly also accommodate a removable battery. At the very top, you can see a section of the still curved handlebar, and on the left, you can see a part of the brake lever. Here it is noticeable that no brake lines are visible! This could also be an indication that VanMoof now also integrates the lines in the handlebar and frame.

Update 1: A new image of the front wheel has been published, according to which it probably remains with the front hub motor.
Update 2: In the e-mail about the event, there is another detail about the down tube. This also looks unusually angular. Does this indicate a battery that can be removed from the bottom?
Update 3: Today, a new image shows more of the bottom bracket. In particular, a round element above the bottom bracket stands out. What is that? VanMoof is unlikely to install a Pinion gearbox (especially in combination with a front motor). Is it rather a speaker, which is mandatory for S-Pedelecs?
Update 4: New view of the fork: it looks heavily like a specially developed upside-down suspension fork, which could be another indication of a Speed Pedelec. Would, by the way, also match the invitation’s slogan: “The future is shaping up, fast”. However, that would make this a completely new model rather than a successor to the VanMoof S3.

It can be assumed that VanMoof will publish more teasers in the next few days until the unveiling on October 12. Therefore, the article will be updated continuously — so it remains exciting which bike will actually await us in the end!

Okay, the secret is out — and the guess with an S-pedelec was not so wrong: VanMoof V is the name of the new model, has two motors and is up to 60 km / h fast. You can find all the info here.

Update 2022: It now seems that the successor VanMoof S4 is actually on its way! You can find all the info here.




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  1. Think it really needs to incorporate a mid mount lightweight motor and more battery power, and maybe even a hybrid version.

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