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Ivy & Ace: affordable and elegant urban e-bikes from Veloretti


We already know the Amsterdam-based brand Velorettti, as their stylish, affordable urban bikes have already attracted attention. An electric bike has not been on offer so far, but that is changing now: With the two models Ivy (with comfort frame) and Ace (with diamond frame) now come the first e-bikes from Veloretti. So they took quite a bit of time, but the result looks quite promising!

Both models impress at first glance with their clean look, which cleverly integrates the quite extensive equipment and electrical components. Thus, the bikes are equipped with mudguards, which are painted in the same color as the frame. In addition, there is a lighting system integrated into the frame, with which you can easily be seen in traffic (the front light is therefore not a full-fledged headlight).

The drive train with the Gates Carbon Drive is combined with the continuously variable transmission from Enviolo in the rear wheel. A largely maintenance-free combination that not only looks clean, but also — thanks to the absence of the classic bicycle chain — causes no dirt.

The motor is a mid-motor from Bafang, which is not only quiet, but also offers a decent torque of 70 Nm. The new Veloretti should also make good progress on steeper routes. A torque sensor controls the drive, which is common for mid-motors anyway. A 518 Wh battery is integrated into the frame and can be removed for charging. The system is operated via a quite attractive control unit on the handlebars, which has a small display integrated. There is currently no information about the weight of the bikes. However, they will probably not be very light in view of the equipment and thus probably weigh more than 20 kg.

The Veloretti Ivy with comfort frame is available in three colors: Matte Black with black tires and black components, and in Pebble Grey and Dessert Moss. Then with polished components, brown saddle and handlebar grips and bright tires. The Veloretti Ace with diamond frame is also available in three colors: Matte Black and Graphite, here each with black tires and black components. In addition, in Jet Black with glossy paint, polished components as well as brown saddle, matching handlebar grips and with bright tires. Both models are available in only one frame size each, which should then fit riders between 164 to 184 cm (Ivy) or between 173 to 200 cm (Ace).

As with their analog bikes, the price of the electric Veloretti is also very interesting: 2,700 euros is the asking price for the new models, which is quite reasonable considering the equipment. The bikes can currently be pre-ordered for 2,299 euros, with delivery scheduled for the end of May 2021. More information about the bikes is available directly from Veloretti.

Update: In the meantime, there are a few more interesting details about the bikes: the weight is supposed to be 21 kg (which was to be expected for the equipment and is still quite light), and there is even a GPS tracker as well as Bluetooth, 2G and 3G connectivity on board. This will probably also allow you to locate the bike via app. The tires are 47 mm wide and an Abus frame lock is mentioned – which is not visible in the photos. In the summer, optional extras such as front rack and a suitable child seat should follow).




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