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VanMoof S3 and X3 now compatible with Apple Find My App


VanMoof announces that both its S3 and X3 smart e-bikes are compatible with Apple’s Find My app starting today. VanMoof is one of the first e-mobility brands to join Apple’s Find My network. Riders can now add the latest VanMoof bikes to the Find My app and use the global Find My network, from hundreds of millions of Apple devices, to track and find their VanMoof in a private and secure way. This applies to all VanMoof models purchased as of today.

The future of cycling

This integration with Apple’s Find My App fits seamlessly into VanMoof’s visionary future — and as you might expect, it’s a future with a lot more bikes. “We’re bringing the future of cycling into the present,” says Ties Carlier, co-founder of VanMoof. “In the near future, when bicycles are the main mode of transportation in cities, this location feature will be very handy, as riders around the world will have the peace of mind that they can always find their bike quickly.” With the new Items tab in the Find My app, you can now locate your bike on a map from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

VanMoof Apple Find My compatible

Innovative e-bikes join Apple’s Find My Network

VanMoof is one of the first brands to implement this feature and was able to do so because of their bikes’ existing advanced technology and in-house product philosophy. The new “Find My” accessory program allows third-party developers to build search capabilities into their products so Apple’s Find My app can be used to locate and keep track of important items, like the VanMoof — even when it’s not nearby. The Find My network, a network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices, can locate your e-bike using all of Apple’s built-in privacy and security protections.

More precise tracking than ever before

You can connect your VanMoof S3 or X3 to the Find My app on your Apple devices in just a few steps. Once set up, you can view and locate your VanMoof S3 and X3, alongside your other supported devices, in the new Items tab. In addition to VanMoof’s industry-leading security measures, you now have the ability to use the Find My app to help you find your VanMoof bike if it ever gets lost. If it’s nearby, you can play a sound to easily locate it — or if it’s farther away, simply put your bike in Lost Mode and let the Find My network find it.

VanMoof Apple Find My Screens iOS

When a lost VanMoof S3 or X3 is located, the Find My app can be used by any iPhone owner and will redirect to a website that displays the owner’s message and contact information. If the “Notify when found” option is enabled, the owner will be notified when the Find My network has found the VanMoof. The location is then displayed on a map in the Find My app.

The Apple Find My network is anonymous and uses advanced encryption. This means that no one else – not even Apple or VanMoof — can see the location of your bike. To use the Find My app to track your e-bike, you’ll need the latest VanMoof S3 or X3, an iPhone running iOS 14.3 or later, an iPad running iPadOS 14.3 or later, or a Mac running Big Sur macOS 11.1 or later.



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