Full suspension hyperbike with two-wheel drive

Now official: the new VanMoof V is a high speed e-bike with two motors


After numerous teasers and speculations, VanMoof has just revealed the secret — and no, it is not an S4, and thus not a direct successor to the current Smart Bike from VanMoof. Rather, with the new VanMoof V, the Dutch present their first high-speed pedelec, which is intended to appeal in particular to commuters who have to cover longer distances.

However, VanMoof goes far beyond the current S-Pedelec standard: the new bike is supposed to offer electric support at up to 50 km/h (the video even talks about 60 km/h) — even though the legal framework for this does not yet exist. However, the VanMoof V is supposed to be able to be throttled back to current specifications via software, which currently corresponds to a maximum speed of 45 km/h in Europe. Talks with the authorities are already underway, however, so that the current guidelines could be expanded — something similar was recently reported by BMW for the i Vision AMBY.

And also with the technology VanMoof goes new ways to achieve the ambitious goals: so the VonMoof V is equipped with two motors, each as a hub motor in the front and rear wheel! Likewise, the bike is fully suspended, front with an upside down suspension fork, rear with an almost invisible suspension built into the frame. Known from VanMoof, however, are — albeit in a more modern form — the lighting integrated into the frame, the integrated kicklock lock or an automatic gearshift.

However, some questions are still unanswered: The video from the reveal event does not reveal what kind of gearbox is installed. The battery’s capacity of 700 Wh (internal) is mentioned — whether it is actually fixed installed and not removable can be assumed.

But it will be some time before the new VanMoof V is available anyway: The first bikes are to be delivered at the end of 2022, until then advance reservations will be possible in several batches. The price is temptingly low: 3,498 euros for the new high-speed bike! More info is available here at VanMoof.




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