Light system for easy retrofitting: LightSkin’s LED handlebar and seatpost tested
Affordable urban bike from Decathlon: Elops Speed 920
Now official: the new VanMoof V is a high speed e-bike with two motors
Easy Rider, powered by Harley-Davidson: our review of Serial 1’s MOSH/CTY
Concept of an urban high-speed pedelec: BMW i Vision AMBY
World’s smallest bicycle front light: SKIN Ultra-Mini-Light (U2)
Pedals with built-in LED lights: Redshift Arclight
LIVALL EVO21: Affordable smart bike helmet with innovative safety features
World’s first cycling helmet with rear light and endless energy — completely without battery
Bike helmet for urban use: KED Mitro UE-1 with MIPS, BOA and LED light

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