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Pedals with built-in LED lights: Redshift Arclight


You might know Redshift primarily from suspension components such as stems or seatposts. Now they are expanding their range with the new Arclight pedals, which are primarily aimed at urban riders: with integrated lighting on both sides, visibility — and thus safety — in road traffic is to be significantly increased.

We already know something similar from Look’s Geo Trekking Vision pedal, but Redshift’s implementation is much more extensive: the pedal has two colours: white at the front and red at the back. Integrated sensors recognise the position of the pedal and automatically switch the colour of the lighting — as a user, you have to make sure that the pedal is in the right position. Turning the crank also creates an attractive light show that is almost reminiscent of the legendary Revolights.

Auto Red White Light Change
Automatic position detection

Another highlight: the LED units themselves are held in the pedal by a magnet and can be easily removed for charging. The power supply is provided by integrated rechargeable batteries, and the runtime is said to be up to 36 hours in eco flashing mode, 11 hours in constant flashing mode or 3 hours in continuous light. Each LED element can be charged individually via the integrated USB port or all together with a USB docking station.

The pedal lights are always activated when there is movement, so they switch off automatically after a certain time. However, the light remains active during short pauses — for example when waiting at traffic lights. According to Redshift, however, the pedals light up at any time of day, i.e. there is no integrated brightness detection.

For everyday use, even in bad weather, the pedals and electronics are waterproof. The weight of the set of two pedals is almost exactly 600g.

Alternatively, the LED elements can also be positioned individually on the bike — for example as a front light on the handlebar or a rear light on the seat post. Redshift also offers suitable mounts, and the correct light colour should also be set automatically here.

Redshift is currently using the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to offer the Arclight pedals for pre-sale. Delivery is scheduled for February 2022, and as a Super Early Bird offer, a set of Arclight pedals with charging station will be available for 89 USD, with shipping within the EU costing a favourable 8 USD – in total, that’s the equivalent of around 85 euros.




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