Omne Eternal Helmet by POC

World’s first cycling helmet with rear light and endless energy — completely without battery


Omne Eternal is the name of POC’s latest product, and it’s something to behold: the world’s first energy-autonomous bike helmet, it uses a Powerfoyle — an innovative photosynthetic material that can convert any light source, natural or artificial, into electricity. To enhance the safety of cyclists on the road, the Omne Eternal features an automatic and self-powered light that never needs to be charged with a cable or activated via an on/off switch. Safety and light from clean, endless energy.

“The Omne Eternal may be a world first with its breakthrough solar cell technology, but our focus was on providing riders with greater safety and an imperceptibly optimal user experience. Simply placing the helmet on the head automatically activates the technology, enhancing safety without ever having to think about it. And it supports all our efforts to create a more sustainable environment.”

Jonas Sjögren, CEO of POC

The result is the Omne Eternal, which for most users will look similar to any other bike helmet. But as is so often the case, the technology behind such innovations is very complex. POC and Exeger, the developer and manufacturer of Powerfoyle, have been working closely together since 2019 to develop and test a variety of systems. What’s unique about Powerfoyle is that it allows for imperceptible integration without compromising design and aesthetics. It harnesses all types of light energy and converts it into electrical energy in an environmentally friendly way.

The Omne Eternal will be available from June 2021 for 250 euros, more information is available via this link directly from POC.



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