360 ° visibility

Visibility gives safety: Alpina Brighton bicycle helmet with front light, rear light and automatic brake light


The dark season is coming — whether we like it or not! For this reason, Alpina has decided to bring the new BRIGHTON MIPS Commuter Helmet with front and rear light and automatic brake light already for this fall on the market.

360° visibility for maximum safety

The BRIGHTON MIPS shines with 360 ° in all directions and exactly this visibility brings the necessary safety in bustling city traffic. Thanks to the COB light strips, the helmet is to shine daabei even particularly bright. It offers four different light modes: continuous light, front on and rear a slow flashing, front off and rear permanently lit and a “NYPolice mode”, a short-short-long flashing. In this mode, one battery charge allows up to 15 hours of use. The integrated batteries are supposed to be recharged in around 50 minutes.

Useful: If the helmet is not moved, it automatically switches to sleep mode after ten minutes, so that the batteries are not empty the next time it is used.

Automatic brake light

Another highlight is an innovative brake light integrated into the Urban LED helmet. A gyro meter measures the negative acceleration and automatically informs the road users behind you about the speed change with the red light. Cars coming up close or cyclists behind you are thus informed of the braking process in good time.

Safety and style

In the event of a crash, the helmet body is constructed from Hi-EPS (High Expanded Polystyrene). The material has microscopic air chambers that absorb the forces acting on the helmet, or head, in the event of an impact. With the addition of the Mips safety feature, it is also intended to reduce rotational forces that can occur during an oblique impact. With the height-adjustable Run system for individual adjustment and a washable interior, maximum comfort is guaranteed. The clean design of the helmet is modern, at the same time timeless and designed for an urban environment and the tiltable adjustment system at the back of the head grants an individual helmet fit.

From October 6, 2023, the neie Alpina Brighton helmet should be available in stores, corresponding to the extensive features, the price is also raised with 249.95. In addition to a variant in matte black, the helmet is also available in light Smokey Grey, each in two sizes (for 51-55 and 55-59 cm head circumference).



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