barely wider than a 1-euro coin

World’s smallest bicycle front light: SKIN Ultra-Mini-Light (U2)


The Korean company LightSKIN presents the Ultra-Mini-Light (U2), the world’s smallest bicycle front light that exceeds the high requirements of the German StVZO. At the same time, the tiny headlight is barely wider than a 1-euro coin and weighs only 25 grams. Due to its inconspicuous form factor, the U2 always blends harmoniously into the overall appearance — especially on bikes with a purist design language. Schindelhauer already uses the front light on its latest e-bike models, Emil and Emilia, and has also been able to contribute a great deal of expertise and technical know-how in successfully implementing all the requirements of the StVZO. The front light is also already used on Canyon’s new Commuter:ON — which has already been tested here.

Design and function in harmony

The LightSKIN U2 is extremely functional thanks to the wide range of different mounts. By means of flexible upward and downward mounting, it can be mounted anywhere, e.g. on fork crown, stem, handlebars or mudguards. This is also made possible by the small dimensions and the feather-light weight. As a result, bicycle manufacturers have much more freedom in the individual integration of the front light.

Designed for longevity

In addition to good stability, the aluminium housing also offers excellent cooling properties due to the small distance between LEDs and bracket, as waste heat can be optimally transported to the outside. Low operating temperatures make a significant contribution to the long service life of the LightSKIN U2. The low volume or total weight also contributes to this, as vibrations and shocks hardly affect the internal electronics while driving.

The LightSKIN U2 achieves a brightness of 150 lumens, which also corresponds to the light output of the already familiar LightSKIN LED handlebar. However, while the handlebar is available in a battery-powered version for easy retrofitting, the U2 front light is only designed for external power supply – for example from the e-bike’s battery.



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