Urban Bike Highlights: A tour of new products at Eurobike 2024
Minimalist, functional and lightweight: Canyon’s new Commuter:ON ebikes
Affordable singlespeed e-bike with some special details: Rose Sneak+ LTD
Stellar, Stout and Curt: Ampler completely redesigned all e-bike models now!
Innovative e-bike at a bargain price: the Cowboy 3 in test
Light system for easy retrofitting: LightSkin’s LED handlebar and seatpost tested
World’s smallest bicycle front light: SKIN Ultra-Mini-Light (U2)
Stylish commuter bike from Coboc: the new edition of the Vesterbro
Functional and attractive: the new Schindelhauer e-bikes Emilia and Emil
Sporty urban e-bike with full equipment: Canyon’s Commuter:ON 7 testet

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