Extensive lights and SOS function

LIVALL EVO21: Affordable smart bike helmet with innovative safety features


LIVALL has already been around for 7 years and is now one of the leading companies in intelligent bicycle helmets. With more than 170 patents and 40 internationally recognized awards, LIVALL delivers 200,000 helmets a year all over the world — and soon a new and innovative model will be added!

With the new EVO21 LIVALL launches a helmet with 360 ° visibility, patented SOS system and improved impact protection. In addition, the model — measured against the extensive equipment — is very light with a weight of 350g. In combination with additional ventilation slots, the wearing comfort is thus also very high!

Lighting functions

With its wide-diffusing front light and bright 270° rear light, EVO21 users are hard to miss on the road for motorists and other cyclists from all directions. The powerful, intelligent LEDs maximize visibility and signal to other road users whether you’re braking, turning or simply going straight.

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More Information

Through acceleration sensors, the EVO21 detects when you slow down or come to a stop — then the brake warning lights on the back of the helmet are automatically activated. A handlebar remote control can be used to activate the turning lights: this means you don’t have to take your hands off the handlebars to give a hand signal. Instead, the flashing LEDs on the helmet signal that you want to turn. For additional visibility, the front light of the helmet not only beams in the width, but also at an angle of 45° in the height — this ensures that you are still recognized by oncoming traffic even when you are bent over in a sporty position and looking down.

SOS function

The EVO21 is equipped with a patented fall detection and SOS technology. This detects falls from a height of more than 1.5 meters and triggers an SOS alarm SMS to an emergency contact within 90 seconds after a fall, which contains the exact GPS position. Should you be able to continue driving after a fall, the SOS system gives you a 90-second window to turn off the alarm.

Battery life

To power the smart technology, the LIVALL EVO21 is equipped with a built-in 600mAh battery. Thanks to several sophisticated power-saving techniques, the helmet is said to last 10 hours on a single charge. Assuming you ride for two hours every night, the helmet will then last a week for commuting without recharging — because hardly any battery is used during the day.

Thanks to the intelligent on/off function, the helmet automatically turns on within four seconds when you put it on your head — and turns off just as quickly when you take it off. And thanks to an ambient light sensor, the EVO21 knows what time it is. It can detect ambient light and automatically turns on when you’re driving in the dark. In bright ambient light, it dims the lights, but the turn signals and brake lights can still be activated.

By the way, LIVALL’s smartphone app shows the battery level in percent, and you can also assign SOS contacts and choose between three different light effects for the illumination. The app also offers additional fitness and tracking functions.

Pricing and availability

In addition to extensive adjustment options for securely fastening the helmet to the head, the EVO21 also offers a few other gimmicks: including the integrated sunglasses holder, the magnetic charging cable and, of course, the handlebar remote control. And you don’t have to worry about sudden rain either: The helmet is waterproof according to IPX5!

The design of the helmet is the work of design studio RUMA from Madrid, which has already earned the EVO21 the IF GOLD Award 2021 for its perfect fusion of highly functional and aesthetic requirements.

Livall EVO21 Colors

Currently, the LIVALL EVO21 can be pre-ordered via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, where you can choose between two helmet sizes (M for 54 to 58 cm head circumference and L for 58 to 62 cm head circumference). The EVO21 is also available in four colors: Snow and Dark Night, as well as Ultraviolet and Mint.

At just over 70 euros plus shipping, the helmet is LIVALL’s most affordable model, with delivery planned for July 2021. Anyone who is now interested in the smart helmet can order it directly via this link on Indiegogo.




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