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Best-of: Minimalist singlespeed e-bikes with belt drive


The simplest and most puristic form of cycling is probably experienced with a singlespeed drive (we’ll deliberately leave out the fixie here): With just one gear, it’s entirely up to your own physical condition how you manage the ride from A to B. This is a topic for quite a small target group, actually, since riding without gears can be quite tedious — especially if the area of use isn’t just the flat country.

Since the e-bike, however, the cards have been reshuffled: The electric assistance takes a lot of work off the rider’s hands, not only on the mountain, but also when starting off, which suddenly makes this drive interesting for many more people. In addition, these bikes have a correspondingly clean appearance precisely because of the reduction in drive components, and thus usually appear more appealing than “normal” bikes.

An ideal complement to the singlespeed drive is the clean, quiet and low-maintenance toothed belt drive (in all bikes shown here the Carbon Drive from Gates), which replaces the classic bicycle chain. In this article, there is therefore a compilation of interesting e-bikes with singlespeed drive and belt drive. Exclusively with particularly slim models that are relatively light and cleverly conceal the e-drive.

Affordable with full equipment: Amsterdam+ from Lekker Bikes

Lekker Bikes Amsterdam+ (1,898 Euro)

At under 1,900 euros, the Amsterdam+ from Lekker Bikes is the bargain in this list — especially since it is also equipped with mudguards and lighting system and also has a fairly large 418 Wh battery. This can not only be removed, but also optionally exchanged for a larger 500 Wh model. The electric drive system comes from Bafang and has no torque sensor. Currently, the 18 kg model from the direct seller is only available in one frame size and in black.

Hot price: Rakede Boost from Bonvelo

Bonvelo Rakede Boost (1.899 Euro)

The Rakede Boost from the Hamburg based brand Bonvelo is much more radical: practical things like mudguards or a lighting system are missing here — at least in the standard equipment — but there is the cool look with raw aluminum finish or black paint. The 250 watt motor sits in the rear wheel, a battery is permanently installed in the down tube and offers 250 Wh capacity. A display on the handlebars is used to select the speed levels, but a torque sensor is not available. At 14 kg, the bike is pleasantly light, but the brakes are mechanical instead of hydraulic disc brakes — certainly due to the low price. More information about the Rakede Boost can be found in this article.

The smart bike from Cowboy

Cowboy Bike (2.379 Euro)

The Cowboy bike caused a sensation above all with its smart functions: automatic brake lights, integrated GPS tracking and complete app integration were previously rather untypical bicycle features. But the Cowboy can also convince beyond the smartphone cosmos: the electric drive system uses a torque sensor to control the hub motor, and the battery is removable and offers a tidy 360 Wh capacity. Position lights are integrated front and rear, mudguards are currently also included in the scope of delivery of the 16.9 kg bike. You can choose between absolute black and mineral gray for the frame. More information about the Cowboy can be found in this article and the test of the bike can be found here.

Fully equipped lightweight: Ampler Curt

Ampler Curt (2.890 Euro)

At 13.4 kg, Amplers Curt should be the lightest model in this overview — at least if you include the complete equipment with lighting system and mudguards as well as the quite large and permanently installed 336 Wh battery. The drive system is a proprietary development and is controlled via a torque sensor, the hub motor in the rear wheel performs typical 250 watts. The bike comes in a completely matte black and sporty look, and the tires are relatively narrow at 35 mm. More information about the Curt and the other current Ampler models can be found in this article.

Available in red and black: BZEN Milano

BZEN Milano (2.890 Euro)

With its Milano, BZEN has a bike on offer that is equipped with a 250 watt motor from Bafang in the rear wheel, a torque control and a (not so elegant) control panel on the handlebars. With the permanently installed battery, you can choose between the sizes of 252Wh or — for an additional charge — 360 Wh. The bike weighs 15.78 kg and is equipped with relatively wide tires and a light system. Mudguards and a rack can also be ordered as options. The frame is available in two sizes and the colors black and glossy red.

Purist pioneer: Coboc’s Soho F1

Coboc Soho F1 (2.990 Euro)

Coboc can justifiably be called the pioneer of this entire category of lightweight, clean and electric bikes: The Heidelberg-based company was already developing this type of e-bike 10 years ago and launched the first production model on the market with the eCycle. Although this is also available in a new edition, the 13.1 kg Soho F1 embodies the purist features just as well — at a significantly lower price! The Soho is equipped with Cobocs own drive system, consisting of torque sensor, fixed 352 Wh battery in the down tube and a hub motor in the rear wheel. The bullhorn handlebars fit the raw character as well as the classic rim brakes, the 25 mm narrow tires and of course the sporty frame geometry. Those who want something less radical should take a look at the Brooklyn Fat model: a bit more expensive at 3,299 euros, and already tested here.

Unique aluminum frame on the Mokumono Delta S

Mokumono Delta S (2.990 Euro)

A bike frame like no other: the frame of the Delta S from Mokumono is pressed from two aluminum plates, which are then joined together by laser. The bike is made in the Netherlands, and most of the other components come from Europe — the company tries to act sustainably during production. The electric drive system is controlled via a torque sensor and comes in combination with the motor from Hydrive, the permanently installed battery offers 250 Wh capacity and is integrated above the bottom bracket. With mudguards including bag holder and lighting system, the equipment is commuter-friendly complete, the weight remains nevertheless quite light at 15.2 kg. In addition to the standard color Frozen Silver, the wheel is also available for an additional charge in an individual color of your choice! All further information about the Mokumono Delta S can be found in this article.

Desiknio Urban with black components

Desiknio Singlespeed (3.890 Euro)

The minimalist look of Desiknio’s e-bikes was convincing right from the start. In the meantime, the Spanish company’s range also includes numerous variants with different gears — but the singlespeed model, which weighs around 13.5 kg, is still available. The electric drive is based on Mahles X35 system, consisting of a hub motor in the rear wheel and a permanently installed 250 Wh battery in the down tube. There is no torque sensor here, instead there are three fixed speed levels to choose from. Here you can see the Urban variant with black components, and there is also a slightly more expensive Classic variant with silver polished components. In addition to mudguards, a lighting system is also installed. For the paint you have the choice between the pictured Copper Brown and Moondust Silver. All further information on the current Desiknio line-up can be found in this article.

Schindelhauers Arthur with integrated lighting system

Schindelhauer Arthur (3.895 Euro)

Schindelhauer’s Arthur is somewhat more classic: but not only the brown leather parts on the saddle and handlebars contribute to this, but also the silver wheels and attachments such as seatpost and handlebars. These two, by the way, have almost invisibly integrated a complete (and approved) lighting system from Lightskin! For the electric drive here is also used Mahles X35 system, consisting of a hub motor in the rear wheel and a permanently installed 250 Wh battery in the down tube. There is no torque sensor, instead there are three fixed speed levels to choose from. At 13.4 kg, the bike is pleasantly light, mudguards are optional, and you can choose between graphite black and the new garnet red color (from fall 2021). More information about Schindelhauer’s Arthur can be found in this article.

Without classic seat tube: Platzhirsch from Urwanbikes

Urwahn Platzhirsch (4.499 Euro)

Another bike that is out of the ordinary: Urwahns Platzhirsch is equipped with a steel frame, which does without your classic seat tube. In addition to the unusual look, this also brings a minimal gain in comfort, since the slightly yielding property of steel is made use of here. The electric drive system from Mahle, on the other hand, is more off the shelf: a hub motor, permanently installed 250 Wh battery in the down tube and a control without torque sensor. However, Urwahn — unlike the other bikes on this list with the same drive system — installs a practical button on the handlebars to control the system. The 14.5 kg bike also has an integrated Lightskin lighting system and can be optionally retrofitted with mudguards and a rack, with the painting you have a choice of five standard colors (asphalt, concrete, oxid, cobalt, gold). For an additional charge, other colors and surface treatments such as nickel plating or copper plating are also possible. A detailed review of Urwahn’s Platzhirsch can be found here.

GEOS: steel frame bike with two battery units

Geos Singlespeed (4.800 Euro)

The GEOS bike rolls along with an elegant steel frame, which also offers clever details such as integrated lighting or a magnetic charging socket behind the rear light. Inside is a specially developed battery consisting of two permanently installed units with a combined capacity of 372 Wh, motor control of the hub motor is via a torque sensor. Without the pictured mudguards and the pannier holder, the bike weighs 14.8 kg. As a surface finish, the frame is always coated with nickel. A detailed test of the GEOS — but with Pinion’s impressive gearbox — can be found here.



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