Lifestyle e-bikes for urban areas

Finally: Giant now offers its attractive Momentum e-bikes here too!


Almost exactly a year ago, we asked ourselves here why Momentum’s stylish and attractively priced lifestyle e-bikes were only available outside of Europe. It could hardly have been due to a lack of distribution channels, after all Momentum is a sub-brand of the industry giant Giant Bicycles. But no matter — the wait is over and the bikes will now also be available in Europe (currently Germany and the UK are listed)!

At the start, however, a somewhat limited range of only two e-bikes is listed: One is the PakYak E+, a practical cargo bike with a powerful SyncDrive Pro mid-motor with a maximum torque of 80 Nm. Incidentally, this SyncDrive drive is a variant of the Yamaha drive adapted for Giant. A battery with 500 Wh capacity is supposed to provide a range of just under 100 km, and there is also an additional battery option for doubling the range. For 4,999 euros, the PakYak E+ is to be available in black and yellow. The frame is one-size and fits riders with a height of 160 to 190 cm, according to Momentum.

Momentum PakYak Urban E Bike Lastenrad Giant
Momentum PakYak E+ cargo bike

However, the second bike in the current lineup, the Voya E+, is certainly even more exciting for many. This is a sporty and minimalist urban bike, which you can hardly see the e-drive. The reason for this is the compact hub motor in the rear wheel, which comes from Bafang and is supposed to offer a torque of 25 Nm. That sounds comparatively weak, since comparable motors usually have a value of 30 to 40 Nm. However, such specs should be treated with caution anyway, and usually only the practical test shows how powerful the drive actually is in everyday use. The bike’s battery is firmly installed in the down tube and cannot be removed for charging. The capacity is a moderate 250 Wh — typical for this type of e-bike. The same applies to the integration of the drive control, which is as invisible as possible. The Voya E+ has a compact control element on the top tube, otherwise the bike is not recognizable as an e-bike.

For purists, the Voya E+ is available as a singlespeed without gears, but with the clean belt drive from Gates. To further reduce the bike’s maintenance needs, Momentum even installs a small idler pulley so that the belt always has enough tension. Manual retensioning of the belt, which usually stretches a bit after a certain period of time, should thus not be necessary. Those who like it more comfortable can also order the Voya E+ with a conventional 10-speed derailleur — it’s nice to see that Momentum offers customers such a choice here.

In addition to dark blue Ink, the Voya E+ is also available in a Tequila Sunrise red, with three frame sizes to choose from. The base price for both variants is 2,499 euros, which is quite attractive. Optionally, there are a lot of matching accessories, with which the bike can then be upgraded by mudguards, kickstand, headlights or luggage racks.

More information about the new e-bikes is available directly on Momentum’s website.




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