Update of a bestseller: the low-priced Decathlon R500E V2 longtail cargo bike
Stylish and functional: the compact design cargo bike Moustache Lundi 20 in test
A Cannondale cargo bike? Even two of them: Cargowagen and Wonderwagen are the names of the new big haul bikes!
Globe Haul LT: the compact cargo bike is now also available as a long tail variant
Preview: the compact cargobike Monopole Toolbike No 01 with Mahles X35 drive system
Three types for all urban needs: Peugeot shows new e-bikes with connected features
Monopole Toolbike No 01: Lightweight mini cargo bike with invisible e-drive
Globe Haul ST: a compact cargo bike with big fun factor for a small price
Finally: Giant now offers its attractive Momentum e-bikes here too!
Our first season with a bike trailer for children: the Croozer Kid Vaaya in test

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