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Update of a bestseller: the low-priced Decathlon R500E V2 longtail cargo bike


With its first cargo bike, the B’TWIN R500E, Decathlon surprised last year and landed a real coup — which was certainly due not only to the low price, but also the pleasing design and good equipment.

Typical of a longtail cargo bike, the primary cargo area on the R500E is positioned above the rear wheel. The grab rail and footrests are already installed there as standard. The rear wheel itself, with a diameter of 20″, is significantly smaller than the 28″ front wheel and thus ensures a low center of gravity for the luggage compartment. A powerful hub motor with 58 Nm of torque is also installed in the rear wheel, and power is supplied by a battery with 678 Wh capacity. So while the rear half of the bike strongly corresponds to the needs of a cargo bike, the front part almost looks like from a conventional bike — and even a suspension fork is there. In keeping with the cargo bike character, Decathlon equips the R500E with an additional luggage rack at the front.

This is new on the Decathlon R500E V2 cargo bike

At the front rack can also be seen a first update of the new and V2 called version of the R500E: this is now slightly wider and thus offers more space (37 x 25 x 12 cm). Also at the front are a new headlight with 80 lux and the frame lock. This was already installed on the predecessor, but there it was on the rear wheel — which made for very poor accessibility of the lock, especially when the luggage compartment was fully loaded. Thanks to the new position, the frame lock will now be much easier to use!

Other innovations include new CST tires for greater puncture resistance, a splash guard on the front and rear mudguards, sturdy aluminum pedals and a new bipod stand with a more stable connection to the frame. And also the attractive wood applications on the luggage rack have now been made more durable against the elements. All in all, then, rather small but welcome improvements that take up feedback from existing users of Decathlon’s cargo bike.

The most striking feature of the new models is certainly the frame color: instead of the previously only available gray-blue, the new R500E is now available in the colors khaki and sand. In addition, a limited variant in red is said to be planned, but it is not yet available.

Still a bargain: prices and availability of the new Decathlon Cargobike

The new V2 generation of the R500E is already listed in the two colors khaki and sand in the store of Decathlon. At 2,990 euros, the updated variant has become about 100 euros more expensive, which is certainly justified in view of the meaningful improvements – especially since the bike is still considered an absolute bargain even at this price! As usual, the order can be placed directly via Decathlon’s online store, and delivery is then possible by freight forwarding to your home or for pickup at one of the nearest Decathlon stores.

Update: The bike is now also available in the red version; more information in this article.




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