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Even more attractive now: Lundi 20 Cargo, the compact cargo bike from Moustache


For the new season, Moustache is making some small changes to the Lundi 20 compact cargo bike: firstly, the naming of the two variants has been simplified and the bikes are now called Lundi 20 Cargo 3 and Lundi 20 Cargo 5. The different numbers stand for the model with 10-speed derailleur gears and the model with the continuously variable Enviolo hub gears including a belt drive from Gates.

Moustache Lundi 20 Cargo 5
The Lundi 20 Cargo 5 with continuously variable Enviolo gearbox and belt drive

Apart from the gearing, both models are identical and continue to score points with their familiar qualities: from the unusual frame design with the iconic Moustache handlebars, the proven and powerful Bosch Cargo Line mid-drive motor or the suspension dropper seat post — which can be lowered when stopping for a secure stand on two legs. Also clever: the whole bike can even be parked upright, making it particularly space-saving. For transporting loads and children, there is an extensive range of MIK-compatible boxes, baskets and seats that can be easily attached to the carriers with a single click. And the list of handy features could go on and on …

Moustache Lundi 20 Test Review Design Lastenrad Cargobike Vertikal
Clever: when parked vertically, the Lundi 20 Cargo takes up hardly any floor space

Attractive new price: the Lundi 20 Cargo starts at 4,499 euros now

The second innovation also has to do with numbers, as Moustache is now making the bike more affordable, which should certainly bring a smile to the faces of potential buyers: the Lundi 20 Cargo 3 now starts at 4,499 euros, while the Lundi 20 Cargo 5 now is 5,199 euros. The Equipped version with a protective bar and footrests for transporting children costs an extra 300 euros, and there is also a dual-battery option with two batteries and a total capacity of 1,000 Wh for an additional 900 euros.

Incidentally, the bike has already put a smile on our faces: in our detailed review, we have already put the Lundi 20 Cargo 3 through its paces and tested it as a family transporter with two children. In addition to its practical featrues, the bike also impressed us with its pretty cool and unique look! The overall verdict? Read for yourself, click here for the full review.

Further information on the Lundi 20 cargo bikes and the extensive range of accessories can be found here on Moustache’s website.



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