Just about 2 meters long

Compact cargo bike with a trunk: Riese & Müller’s Carrie offers a wide range of loading options


With its new Carrie, Riese & Müller introduces its most compact cargo bike to date, which at a length of 2.09 meters is barely longer than a regular bicycle. However, the utility value of the new bike is many times higher, offering a particularly wide range of loading options.

In keeping with its Long John design, the Carrie’s transport compartment is also located between the handlebars and front wheel. The basic version of the bike comes with a sturdy Base Box measuring 30 x 45 cm, which can accommodate a standard Euro box, for example. Riese & Müller also offer an optional Cargo Bag that is perfectly matched to this basic box.

Things get really exciting with the optional Flex Box: This is essentially two flaps that are added to the top of the basic box. On the one hand, the goods can be transported covered and also protected against theft — the box can also be locked like a trunk! In addition, the Flex Box can also be used unfolded: the width of the loading area is then extended to 65 cm, which means that not only a small Eurobix can be transported in the lower area, but also a large box in the upper area.

In this opened position, the Carrie can also be upgraded as a child transporter: an optional bench seat offers space and belts for up to two children (up to 7 years), and there is also a headrest and a large rain cover to protect the kids from the wet. A standard rain cover for the cargo area is already included in the scope of delivery.

If you have even more to transport, you can also configure an optional rack. We are already familiar with such extensive configuration options from other bikes from the manufacturer — so it’s no wonder that they are also available on the Carrie. The drive system can also be equipped according to your own preferences, whereby the Bosch Smart System with the quiet yet powerful Performance Line motor with 75 Nm torque is always installed. In addition to the Intuiva 100 or Purion 200 display, you can also choose between the PowerTube version with 545 Wh or the 725 Wh battery. However, a fundamental decision has to be made when it comes to the gears:

  • Riese & Müller Carrie touring: A Microshift derailleur gear system with 10 gears is installed here, the power is transmitted by means of a conventional bicycle chain
  • Riese & Müller Carrie vario: A continuously variable hub gear from Enviolo is installed here, the power is transmitted by a belt drive from Gates

The compact dimensions are also due to the small 20″ tires, which are sufficiently wide at 55 mm and even have suspension on the front wheel thanks to the SR Suntour Mobie A32 fork. The bike weighs around 35 kg in its basic configuration, which is pleasantly light!

Riese Mueller Carrie Kompaktes Lastenrad Front
The Carrie with opened Flex Box and suspension fork at the front

The frame itself is largely made of recycled aluminum and is available in just one size. The height-adjustable and tiltable stem and the seat post — which is also available as an optional suspension version – are used to adjust the bike to your body size.

The new Riese & Müller Carrie will be available from May 2024 in the colors Anise, Aqua and Shadow. Prices start at €5,799 for the touring model with derailleur gears, although the vario version with hub gears and belt drive will cost an additional €600. The useful Flex Box is 400 euros extra, and the child seats start at 200 euros. As a real specialty from Riese & Müller, the RX Hardware is also available for the Carrie, which allows the bike to be located via an app and also offers a kind of alarm system to protect against theft.




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