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Top-equipped family cargo bike for a fair price: Tenways’ new Cargo One in test


Tenways promotes the new Cargo One as a “high-end family cargo bike”, which is intended to offer an outstanding price-performance ratio to a wide range of customers. Characteristics that we already know in a similar form from other models of the brand and which have already convinced us in the test (for example here with the Tenways CGO 600 Pro or here with the Tenways AGO T). We’ll find out in our first test whether this combination of top features at a fair price also works as well on the new cargo bike.

Tenways Cargo One Test Review Long John Lastenrad Look
Straightforward design with clever features: the Tenways Cargo One


With its large loading area between the front wheel and handlebars, the Cargo One is one of the typical Long John cargo bikes, but — typical for Tenways — has some special design elements. The most striking features are certainly the two position lights on the front of the transport box. Not only do they give the bike a unique look, they also help to ensure safety on the road: after all, they not only light up permanently, but can also be used as indicators for turning!

The spacious transport box made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) has an interchangeable frame on the upper edge, which is available in different colors and can be used to customize the colour of the bike. A cover in black and a cover in green are included as standard. The Tenways logo confidently adorns the front of the box, which can also be found in other places. For example on the battery, where the logo is also used to indicate the battery status — the E in the logo then becomes a battery symbol with up to three bars.

Integrated into the frame of the bike, the battery is elegantly positioned vertically behind the transport box, but can also be easily removed. The rear triangle is also pleasing with its horizontal chainstay, which is continued almost seamlessly on the step-through frame. The drive system with hub gears and belt drive as well as the mid-drive motor from Bafang, which is quite compact by cargo bike standards, naturally also matches this tidy look.


Tenways takes an unusual approach with the electric drive on the Cargo One: the Bafang M600, which is rarely used here in Germany, delivers a whopping 120 Nm of torque. Although this output is likely to be somewhat reduced due to the continuously variable hub gear from Enviolo, it should still be able to cope with up to 100 Nm. But even with this, the drive clearly outperforms other competitors, such as the popular Bosch Cargo Line with its 85 Nm. The drive is completed by the Gates CDX carbon belt drive, which promises to be extremely maintenance-free.

Just as powerful as the motor is the Tektro braking system, which consists of hydraulic 4-piston disc brakes. And the battery with its massive capacity of 960 Wh is just as capable!

For a high level of riding comfort, the Cargo One offers a suspension seat post and a suspension fork on the front wheel. In addition, the tires of the 26″ rear wheel and the 20″ front wheel are sufficiently wide at 55 mm, and the tires are from Schwalbe’s puncture-proof Big Ben Plus series.

In addition to the position lights at the front, a “real” headlight and rear light are also installed, and the bike also comes with mudguards and a sturdy stand for everyday use.


As cargo bikes in particular are often ridden by several people, the correct adjustment of the seat position is the first step for most people before starting their ride. The Cargo One makes this as easy as possible, as the stem can be adjusted in two dimensions with a single movement. This means that the height and angle of the handlebars can be adjusted directly by loosening the snap fastener. The height of the saddle, on the other hand, can be adjusted using a conventional quick-release.

To control the electric drive, the Cargo One has a compact button that we already know from our review of the AGO T. It already convinced us there with its good pressure point and rubberized surface, but the additional function of the indicator light is new here. The turn signal can be easily controlled with a click to the left or right. All information about the ride is provided by the large color display, which is installed in the middle of the handlebars and also shows the current battery capacity as a percentage (so you don’t have to rely on the display on the battery itself, as mentioned at the beginning).

To adjust the transmission ratio of the continuously variable Enviolo gearbox, simply turn the handlebar grip on the left: a small display there intuitively symbolizes whether it is the right setting for flat rides or hilly terrain.

To make it easier for kids to get into the cargo box, there is an opening at the side that can be used as a step. Once inside the box, two children can sit next to each other on a bench also made of EPP with an integrated belt system. The seat is not upholstered ex works – if you wish, you can certainly add upholstery later. However, the bench can also be easily removed, turning the Cargo One into a real cargo transporter. In both cases, you benefit from the wide stand, which allows the bike to stand securely. Also nice: a rain cover can be attached to the replaceable cover at the top of the box, which is also included in the delivery.

Riding impressions

The main focus here is on the drive system, as the Bafang motor has been rather uncommon to date. After the first few meters, however, you have to be a little surprised, because it impresses with its sensitive response, fairly quiet operation and strong overall performance! It is precisely this power that is appreciated on a cargo bike of this kind, especially when you consider the permissible total weight of 250 kg (the bike weighs 55 kg when empty). The continuously variable transmission from Enviolo harmonizes well with the powerful drive and, with a gear ratio range of 380%, offers sufficient reserves to conquer even steeper climbs.

Compared to the steering characteristics of a Long John bike, which always take some getting used to, the Cargo One can be steered precisely. There is also nothing to criticize about the brakes: they are powerful, yet easy to modulate.

The integration of the blinker is absolutely welcome — after all, on such a large-format bike, you are reluctant to take your arm off the handlebars to signal your intention to make a turn. However, it is somewhat surprising why such an indicator was only installed at the front and not also at the rear.


Tenways remains true to itself with its latest model and offers a bike that combines attractive design, convincing technology and a very fair price. For 4,999 euros, you get one of the most powerful drives with a very large battery, clean belt drive and the continuously variable Enviolo gearbox — which is quite remarkable in this price range. There are also clever ideas such as the cool position lights with indicators, the exchangeable cover of the cargo box or the cockpit that can be adapted in no time at all. All in all, Tenways can be congratulated on a successful entry into the cargo bike segment!

As usual, the new Cargo One can be ordered directly here at Tenways and will be delivered conveniently and fully assembled to your door. Also included are the large rain cover and the cover frame for the box; delivery is scheduled for mid-March, just in time for spring!




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