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Versatile ebike with lots of comfort for a decent price: the Tenways AGO T in test


Combining comfort and elegance is what Tenways wants to achieve with the AGO T. And indeed, the comparatively inexpensive ebike already scores on photos with its unusually shaped low-entry frame and its extensive and comfortable equipment. Whether the bike can also convince in everyday life, should be shown in our detailed test!

Tenways AGO T Review Test Urban E Bike Design
Tenways AGO T: a low-entry ebike with an elegant design


Let’s admit it: when it comes to stylish bikes, you usually don’t necessarily think of a bike with a step-through frame. However, there is a lot happening in this category lately, because more and more models of this type with good design are coming onto the market. The new AGO T can be counted among them, as its frame offers some cool and unique details.

There is for example the rear rack, which is elegantly integrated into the frame design and whose shape runs parallel to the wide chainstays and down tube. The integrated headlight with two lenses at the front has become a visual distinctive feature of Tenways, while a futuristic-looking rear light in a particularly narrow design is installed at the rear. Pleasantly inconspicuous, the battery is integrated into the down tube, in addition, the entire drive with belt drive and the compact gear hub in the rear wheel looks very clean.

However, the somewhat clunky mid-mounted motor from Bafang can hardly be hidden and also on the handlebars a little less tangle of cables and wires would be desirable. Nevertheless, thanks to the open routing of these cables and the adjustable stem, the handlebars can be flexibly adjusted to the desired seating position.

Since all components are kept in sober black, the frame of the test bike in Jungle Green can shine all the more! Depending on the incidence of light, the dark green metallic paint looks brightly sparkling to darkly shimmering and perfectly highlights the elegant look of the bike.


We have already mentioned its electric drive system, so we will continue with that right here: the M420 is a mid-drive motor from the manufacturer Bafang, which can offer a maximum torque of a remarkable 80 Nm. However, you have to pay attention to the details here — Tenways states that only 55 Nm of torque is usually provided for the AGO T. The reason for this can be found in the rear wheel, where Enviolo’s continuously variable gear hub is installed and which can handle just those 55 Nm of torque. But even with the reduced output, the bike is still performing well; especially since this restriction affects all bikes with this type of gear hub.

The drive is controlled from the handlebars, where a compact thumb button is placed. In addition, a 3.5″ color display informs about the current riding data. With a capacity of 504 Wh, the battery offers good performance and can be conveniently taken out for charging — but of course you can also charge it inside the bike. In addition to the motor, the integrated lighting system is also supplied with power from this battery.

The power transmission to the rear wheel is provided by a belt drive instead of the conventional bicycle chain — which has advantages such as being maintenance-free and clean. The latter is also ensured by the sturdy mudguards on the AGO T, which together with the stable and up to 25 kg loadable rack as well as the kickstand complete the extensive everyday equipment.

Additional comfort is provided by the Zoom suspension fork with hydraulic lockout function at the front and the suspension seatpost, while the adjustable stem allows for a relaxed riding position. And the tires, which are quite wide at 50 mm, should also contribute to a comfortable ride at all times. For good deceleration, on the other hand, the bike is equipped with a hydraulic braking system from Tektro. Interesting detail: at the front, the frame has four mounting points for a front carrier — however, such a carrier is not yet available from Tenways.


The electric drive is controlled via the thumb button on the handlebars, which can be operated perfectly thanks to its rubberized buttons and precise pressure point. This makes it easy to switch between the five different riding modes and turn on the lights. Visual feedback is provided by the large color display on the handlebars, whose brightness varies: when the lighting system is switched off, the display is quite bright; but when you turn on the lighting system, the display brightness decreases. The idea behind this concept is plausible if you actually only turn on the bike’s lights in the dark. However, if you also use the lights during daytime, you have to deal with the darker display — which was almost a bit too dark in strong sunshine conditions during the test. A separate setting option would certainly be desirable here. Apart from that, controlling the drive is very easy!

The same applies to the continuously variable hub gear from Enviolo in the rear wheel. But what is so special about this stepless gearshift? Unlike conventional hub gears or derailleur gears, the Enviolo does not offer fixed gear steps — instead, you can set a virtually infinite number of gears in its entire transmission range with the rotary control on the handlebars. The total range is 310%, which is comparable to Shimano’s 8-speed hub gears and is sufficient for use in the city and on tours.

Additional advantages of the system: it is silent in operation, it can be switched while stopped, and it is not possible to make a mistake with it. With these features, the Enviolo is especially interesting for those who find conventional gearshifts too complicated. Its operation is done via a rotary control on the handlebars, an analog display provides visual feedback: depending on the direction of rotation, the distance displayed there becomes steeper or flatter. So simple, so good!

Riding impressions

The fact that Tenways has placed a lot of emphasis on the comfort of the AGO T is already evident on the first meters with the bike. The riding position is upright and extremely comfortable thanks to the curved handlebars, which is supported by the adjustable stem. And since the bike is only available in one size, this adjustment option is also really useful — because the frame of the AGO T tends to be rather large and should thus also fit people up to 1.95 meters tall.

Perfect for relaxed cruising is also the drive system of the bike: although the motor with 55 Nm torque always offers enough power to master even steeper climbs and to ride quickly if necessary — the bike is more in its element when you ride it casually and enjoyably. In its lower support modes, the Bafang drive is correspondingly quiet and barely audible, and the power delivery is pleasantly sensitive. Only in the highest level the drive is a bit louder, but thanks to its low hum it is not disturbing. Then it also delivers the full power much more directly, which is appreciated on demanding routes.

Small criticism for two points: Firstly, the slightly too long lag of the motor when you stop pedaling. In rare situations during our test, the motor still pushed the bike forward when we descended. The other issue is the battery management, which noticeably reduces the motor’s performance when the remaining capacity drops below 20%. From then on, the bike is increasingly harder to handle, whereby the high weight of 31 kg is also noticeable then. Thus, if you want to avoid this situation, you should always keep the battery as fully charged as possible.

Almost as expected, the bike proves to be particularly comfortable thanks to its suspension fork and suspension seatpost. Even over rough roads such as cobblestones, the bike rolls along with ease and smoothes out the bumps drastically. The response of the suspension fork could still be a bit more sensitive, but is quite okay for the price range of the bike — after all, you also have to consider this point with the AGO T!

Tenways AGO T Review Test Urban E Bike Style
Lots of comfort, extensive features, fair price: the Tenways AGO T


Let’s start with the price: Tenways currently charges 2,699 Euros for the AGO T, which is quite an attractive offer considering the features! In return, you get a versatile everyday bike for city and touring, which comes up with a stylish design. The drive system with its powerful mid-drive motor, a belt drive and the continuously variable Enviolo gearbox offers stress-free assistance in almost every situation and is otherwise hard to find in this price range. Actually, you only have to make sure that the battery rarely falls below its 20% remaining capacity, otherwise the motor’s performance is reduced. But you can also rest easy here, because the battery has enough reserves with its total capacity of 500 Wh.

All in all, the Tenways AGO T with its comfy seating position and suspension is especially recommended for comfort-oriented riders who want to be as relaxed as possible on the bike — and who pay attention to a good price-performance ratio. In addition to the great Jungle Green paint of the test bike, the bike is also available in Midnight Black and Pearl White, both of which can be ordered directly from Tenways’ online store.




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